Rosie O'Donnell, Kelly Ripa Tangle over Clay Aiken Remark

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It all started innocently enough.

Clay Aiken co-hosted Live with Regis and Kelly Friday morning. We assume the American Idol runner-up was simpy playing around when he stuck his hand over the mouth of Kelly Ripa - but Kelly saw nothing funny about the incident.

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Our gal responded: "I don't know where that hand has been!"

It was a seemingly innocuous remark, especially coming from the (beautiful) mouth of a mother of three kids during cold and flu season.

Tell that to Rosie O'Donnell, however. Reviewing the incident on The View today, Rosie claimed:

"To me that was a homophobic remark ... If that was a straight man, if that was a cute man, if that was a guy that she didn't question his sexuality, she would have said a different thing. I was very offended by that ... I guarantee, if that was Mario Lopez, she would not have said the same thing."

Such an absurd statement prompted Ripa to call into the show to defend herself, saying she has no fear of gays.

"You have to be more responsible," she told Rosie. "Not everybody is homophobic."

Amen, Kel! We're sure Lindsay Lohan isn't. She'd probably take it from any guy.


I would have done the same thing as Kelly. Recently a good looking straight guy in one of my classes took a drink from my water bottle without asking. I proceeded to throw it out, you just never know!


It appears to me that Rosie is the homophobe. Odd choice isn't it? Rosie needs to realize that it isn't ALL about her.


I think Rose needs to keep her big mouth shut and quit picking fights with every person and issue out there. Kelly reacted in a way I think most would when someone's hand is placed over someone's mouth. First of all that is a rude gesture and second of that is invading their personal space. Clay was in the wrong to hush her up by doing that. It's Kelly's show and she can talk as much as she wants! Note to Rose: stick to what you do best....eating twinkies.


Rosie was right! Kelly was probably subconciously being homophobic and Clay is awkwardly closeted, did you see him on Tyra? I admire Rosie for her brash opinions, though she can be sensitive, she SHOULD NOT shut her mouth as so many have said. I think she should speak up for gay rights and people who have a problem with it need to be labelled for what they are, homophobic!


Rosie is a loud mouth, rude, ugly and obnoxiuos. I stopped watching the view when they signed her on. She is not fit to be on television.


Well now I think Rosie owes Clay an apology, after all she said "if that was a cute man..." Hmm.. didn't she just insult Clay??? Somebody put a hand over her mouth and Kelly's.


I for one have had it up to my eyeballs with Rosie! Who the hell cares if she is gay! Keep it to yourself, I do not give a damn about anyone sexuality, and why she insists on making an issue and an ass out of herself is beyind me! She is one of the most, if not the MOST obnoxious offense individuals to "grace" the airways. She should learn to keep her mouth shut, but that seems to be mute. If she can;t keep it shut, try not interupting people whne they speak. Rosie you are rude, crude, and socially unacceptable.


Who cares what Rosie thinks. She is nothing but a person looking for trouble and something to go off about.
Why they pay her to be on TV I'll never know. She is loud, rude and thinks she is the last word in everything.


Clay started the "Live" show being disrespectful to Kelly. His attitude was as though he was trying to put Kelly "in her place". Kelly was trying to be a good host in Regis' absence as many times he asks all the questions of a guest and Kelly doesn't interfere.
Rosie had no business turning Kelly's comment into a homophobic issue. No one asked Rosie for her opinion and she needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. Rosie owes Kelly an apology for "butting in".


I think Kelly Ripa is very rude and obnoxious. She has taken something that was funny and harmless and made a mountain out of a mole hill. I do not think that Clay owes her an apology............Kelly is the one that owes him a BIG apology for her rudness to a guest host.

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