Rosie O'Donnell, Kelly Ripa Tangle over Clay Aiken Remark

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It all started innocently enough.

Clay Aiken co-hosted Live with Regis and Kelly Friday morning. We assume the American Idol runner-up was simpy playing around when he stuck his hand over the mouth of Kelly Ripa - but Kelly saw nothing funny about the incident.

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Our gal responded: "I don't know where that hand has been!"

It was a seemingly innocuous remark, especially coming from the (beautiful) mouth of a mother of three kids during cold and flu season.

Tell that to Rosie O'Donnell, however. Reviewing the incident on The View today, Rosie claimed:

"To me that was a homophobic remark ... If that was a straight man, if that was a cute man, if that was a guy that she didn't question his sexuality, she would have said a different thing. I was very offended by that ... I guarantee, if that was Mario Lopez, she would not have said the same thing."

Such an absurd statement prompted Ripa to call into the show to defend herself, saying she has no fear of gays.

"You have to be more responsible," she told Rosie. "Not everybody is homophobic."

Amen, Kel! We're sure Lindsay Lohan isn't. She'd probably take it from any guy.


kelly rippa is an untalented brainless woman, and in order to have landed the job she has, must have connections, she is conceded and strange looking, and has bad manners, and leave tom hanks alone, he has talent and you dont, and your looks is not all that great, under all this makeup is not much, chickenlegged and weird, stay home and do all of us a fvaor, and dont talk so much, the regis show would be a very good show, and a classy show without u there to shoot off your mouth,. you have no talent, and u cant sing, can trelate to people and u have no manners, and wha tis your iq?O?


kelly rippa is an untalented chicken legged loudmouth and conceded, and i dont know why, there is nothing to see exept makeup and no talent, and not much brain, she must have connections to have a job wher she is the public eye, many of us dont watch the show because of her strange and bizarre behaviour. she has the napoleon complex and no talent no looks and no brain., stay home girl, do us all a favor, .. and leave tom hanks alone, he is talented, nice and has a


Holy Crap! Clay Aiken is gay?! Seriously, unless it is overtly connected to it, to assume an action is taken due to someone's 'special status' is in itself predjudicial. It is like saying that anyone that disagrees with Obama is a racist, because white people would hate the black part of him and black people would hate the white part of him, and everyone else would hate both. To assume there is no other reason to disagree with him would be ridiculous. The same is true here. To assume that Kelly Ripa is gay bashing because of a statement about a dirty hand only reveals your own assumptions that gay people are dirtier than non-gay people. Nothing she did connected her statement to his sexuality - only Rosie's comments did. She should stick to feuding with Trump - it is way more entertaining.


I saw the show that morning and Clay was never rude or disrespectful. The peoples who say he was are bald face liars. I'm not a claymate, but I can't stand liars. If you care more for Kelly, then at least come up with a better excuse. After she said, that was a "NO NO". The rest should had been taken care off screen. I found her actions to be very umprofessional. I have stopped viewing the show. And Rosie, comments were very wrong. Clay, should had slapped a law suit on her fat ass, then she would think before she speak. The whole thing was ugly and blown out of proportion.


My first visit to such a website while just looking to see if anyone mentioned who Kelly Ripa's trainer is and had no idea this was going on! I guess I thought since Kelly called Rosie live and put a stop to her crap that is was over. Rosie seemed to pretty much know she was out of line and no one really heard more about it - so congratulations Ripa!


This is so absurd!!!!! I used to like Rosie but not anymore. I think she is doing a HUGE diservice to The View. She has nothing but a big mouth. She is just out looking for trouble, just like she did with Donald Trump! Get a life, Rosie, and stop picking apart every thing everyone says. They are NOT always talking about gays, please. What do you think, life revolves around YOUR sexuality? GIVE ME A BREAK! Grow up and get over yourself.


I think there is systemic homophobia in this country. I think that is evident with the comments on this board. Rosie knows what time it is. I think Kelly Ripa would not have made that remark if it were a hot straight guy with a couple of kids. Gays are not always right; however, they are going to see things differently.


Personally I feel like Kelly's personal space was invaded. Clay was a guest host on the show, yes, but he doesn't have a familiar relationship with Kelly? What gave him the right to physically touch Kelly in such an inappropriate manner? Was it written in the 'script'? I think not! Clay should learn what is appropriate and inappropriate conduct while a guest on someone's show or anywhere else for that matter. I really don't care what precipated his actions; he behaved badly!


If you watch the opening dialogue of Live w/Regis and Kelly on that fateful day, and you really watch Clay Aiken, he seemed to be a bit aggressive toward Kelly. For him to have interrupted her while she was conducting an interview by stating, "... you just let me know when I can talk here...", and at her follow-up question, to put his hand anywhere near her face, let alone over her mouth, is beyond RUDE!
He owes her an apology on a couple of different
levels. Rosie O'Donnell on the other hand, should have just stayed out of it. I think she is probably the only one that viewed that as a homophobic statement! I don't care if a person is cute or not, gay or straight... Rude is rude!!!


Wow, Michelle. I don't think that I've ever heard such a passionate response to something so benign. BTW, Kelly doesn't invite guest hosts, her producers do.
I love Clay. He's an incredible man. I also love Kelly. Her germaphobia has been well documented over the years, and I think that is all this was about. It was also about Clay being "on edge" the whole show. Kelly makes fun of everyone, including herself. That's what she does. She mercilessly teases Regis about all his fears. He takes it and dishes it back. If Clay had done any show research prior to being on, he would have been prepared for a comeback.
I don't care how many adjectives you throw into a sentence, Michelle, you are just a little hostile and have found a mark. Good for you, but I don't agree with a word of it. Except for Clay being a wonderful man. PS: Rosie says she never questioned his sexuality? No, she didn't. What she does is call a man gay who is not ready to be called that. I think that is just mean.

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