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Jessica Simpson has seen better days.

Namely, any day other than this one.

Air Head

According to numerous gossip columnists, the "actress" and "singer" has been claiming that her failed romance with John Mayer was "crushing."

Poor thing. As usual, Jessica is the victim. Never mind the fact that she's the one who filed for, and initiated, the divorce with Nick Lachey. Now we are supposed to feel bad for her and how hard it is to move on.

Boo f*%king hoo. It looks to T.H. Gossip not like a sob story, but more like "drama queen falls apart without guy," and "sister of plastic-surgery addict Ashlee Simpson struggles to stay in spotlight while spiraling into obscurity."

Regardless, this picture of Jessica is rough as all hell. Take a look at this fine gallery of Jessica Simpson pictures to observe our girl's recent transformation from bombshell to train wreck.

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We love Peter Sarsgaard. But the actor has a long way to go until he catches up with Flavor Flav in the baby-making department.

While Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal welcomed their first child into the world recently, Flavor is expecting his seventh kid in the near future - but NOT with Deelishis, the supposed winner of his heart on the reality show, Flavor of Love this season.

Flavor Flav Time

"Flav has confirmed this and Deelishis is aware that after things did not work with the season-one winner, Flav conceived a child with a woman he had been dating on and off," the rapper's manager says.

The manager declined to provide additional details. It seems likely, however, that this love child may look stranger than Suri Cruise.

Flav first broke the news on radio's Tom Joyner Morning Show. He still loves Deelishis, he said, and the baby's mother is not "a Flavor of Love lady." We're gonna assume this discounts Lindsay Lohan - because she's EVERYone's flavor of the month, right?

Flav said he wants 10 children overall and "one thing I will never do is deny any of my kids."

Deny them the chance to be normal, we assume he means.

Asked if he would marry the woman, who Flav described only as a "shorty in Las Vegas," the rapper said, "I'm not marrying anybody. I'm too young to die."

The recently-separated Reese Witherspoon can probably now relate to this sentiment. Kind of.

Asked in September to describe his dream girl, Flav told People magazine:

"I want a girl who looks good when she wakes up in the morning. We could take her face and dip it in dough and she'll make some nice face cookies. Some girls wake up, man, you could put their face in dough and you'll get a gorilla cookie, for real!"

Meanwhile, other girls named Nicole Richie vomit at the word "cookies."

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Rocker Prince is apparently playing an invitation only, private event at Club Rio tonight in Las Vegas -- marking the start of his taking up residence at the hotel as a permanent performer.

Rumor (not Rumer -- will that ever get old?) has it that Prince may be out to take over Club Rio (located inside the Rio hotel) and re-name it 3121, the same name given to his last album.

Prince and Girlfriend

Nothing official has been announced, but sources tell us that renovations have been done to the club in less than a week's time to prepare for tonight's festivities. We know he's been really busy, but hopefully, K-Fed can make it. Mofo loves Vegas!

The club's normal days of operation are Thursday, Friday and Saturday -- so opening up on a Tuesday might be a way for the club to host the concert on the down low. As if Prince has ever done anything normal, or on the down low, so to speak.

You know what would be great? If the Pussycat Dolls opened. Maybe not what Prince is going for, but the crowd would love it. And by the crowd we mean T.H. Gossip. THG + PCD 4-eva!

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Although October 26 marked Keith Urban's 39th birthday, the occasion was less than celebratory. Urban, who's been pulling a Nicole Richie (minus the whole starvation thing), spent the day in a treatment center for alcohol abuse. It's quite sad, and leaves many questioning the future prospects of Kurban.

Meanwhile, Keith's wife of four months, Nicole Kidman, also 39, dined at the Beverly Hills restaurant Matsuhisa, ordering sashimi along with a smattering of her Australian relatives.

Cameron and Tom

"It was a quiet dinner," says an observer of their one-hour meal. "Nicole seemed happy to be with her family."

And her friends: The night before, Kidman took her nephew (below) for dinner at the home of BFF and fellow Aussie Naomi Watts.

As for Urban, a source close to the singer says he may have HAD to go to rehab because of a condition in his prenup with Kidman, who shares two adopted children, Connor (below), 11, and Isabella, 13, with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

"Nicole's lawyer put this clause in to demonstrate to Tom that Keith's past problems wouldn't affect the kids," says the source.

Urban did a stint in rehab for cocaine addiction in 1998. Cruise was clearly worried about his instability and its impact on his children. For good reason, apparently.

Say what you will about TomKat, the craziness regarding their upcoming wedding, and the whole mystery surrounding Suri Cruise/Bjork. Tom Cruise has shown he's a caring father -- and while we're not about to heap credit on him for what he's supposed to be doing, he could be Bobby Brown. Remember that.

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On October 26, a rep for Nicole Richie announced that the "actress," whose weight slipped to 87 pounds this summer, was undergoing treatment for her weight issues.

She postponed filming her reality show, The Simple Life 5, dropped out of sight for three days, and moved into a friend's house for support.

Welcome, 2010!

"I'm not in rehab, and I don't have an eating disorder," Richie said. "I'm getting the help I need and taking care of my health."

Right. And we don't have a crush on Kristin Cavallari, per se. We just have a heightened romantic interest in her.

The other night, Nicole collapsed at Hyde. But Nicole's dad, Lionel Richie and Nicole's mom, Brenda Harvey Richie, have been concerned for a long time, and their 25-year-old daughter was affected by her relatives' shock when she came to Alabama to attend a grandmother's October 21 funeral.

"They told her she was too skinny and it really hit home," says a friend who attended the memorial. "It was a turning point. They did not tell her directly to get help, but it helped motivate her."

As her dad explains his approach to his daughter's health:

"There's a fine line between advice and preaching. Let her get into the position and then have her say, ‘Dad, how do I get out of this?'"

One thing she is wondering: Why wasn't she able to gain weight on her own, when she had cut down her workouts and added two Pro-gain protein shakes a day to her diet? And will Samuel Plouchart stick by her side through this?

She's told friends that she's worried about a possible medical condition. Though Richie won't confirm the nature of her treatment, the Gossip has learned that she is being seen at a Newport Beach, Calif., facility, where she is undergoing doctor consultations and blood tests.

Is this the same rehab center visited by Kirsten Cohen on The OC? We may never know. But if these Nicole Richie pictures are any indication, it's a damn good thing she's undergoing some sort of treatment. Man, she is thin!

What did preliminary blood tests conclude about Richie's inability to pack on pounds? How does Nicole really eat amongst friends? How did Nicole's ex-fiancé, Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein, and her ex-boyfriend, Brody Jenner, react to news that they once dated an alien life form?

We'll have to wait and see.

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It must be surprising awards season.

First, Ben Affleck actually won a trophy for good acting.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Picture

Now, Glamour magazine has given Sandra Bullock the "Undercover Activist" award at the magazine's "Women of the Year" Awards 2006 Monday night at NYC's Carnegie Hall.

We like Bullock and she deserves to be honoroed for quietly donating millions to the Red Cross after September 11 and the 2004 tsunami. We were just surprised to hear the news.

Other recipients on the evening included Queen Latifah, supermodel Iman, tennis legend Billie Jean King, and more.

Barbara Walters took time away from preventing a fight between Elizabeth Hasselback and Rosie O'Donnell to talk glowingly about Bullock. Sort of.

The View host told a story about interviewing Bullock in the early 90s when she was still an up-and-coming actress. The two went fishing together and Walters described Bullock as a tomboy.

"I thought she was very beautiful and talented. But I also thought, ‘Honey, you're never going to make it,'" Walters told the audience. "She just wasn't self-involved enough for this business … She was smart, dignified and she talked about her love of her family, and I said to myself, ‘No way. She's a one film star.'"

So you need to be self-involved and spoiled to make it in Hollywood? Damn, Paris Hilton does have a future in that case.

Walters continued: "But then she was cast in a huge action movie called Speed, and her career took off. There's an old Hollywood myth about the bright-eyed girl who arrives in Los Angeles right off the bus, ready to become a star. Sandra Bullock did it backwards â€" she got on the bus and became a star!"

In her acceptance speech, Bullock, 42, teased Billie Jean King, saying: "Thank you for being an icon physically. I couldn't play tennis, but I tried. It just didn't work out for me."

Also on hand to support the award winners were Bullock's husband Jesse James, Catherine Zeta Jones, Rosario Dawson, Stephen Colbert, Emmy Rossum, Marianne Pearl, and rocker David Bowie.

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Madonna is opening up about the problems she had in her recent adoption case.

She talked on the Today show with Meredith Vieria this morning about initially trying to give her recently -adopted baby's father money, so he could raise the boy himself. But when he turned her down. Madge said she took as a sign that she should adopt him herself.

Brahim Zaibat Picture

The Material Girl told the host she "couldn't really understand" Yohane Banda's decision not to take her money, especially because he had "moved to another village and was kind of getting on with his life."

When he declined the money, Madonna said she regarded it as "my sign that ... it was my responsibility to look after [David Bana]."

Madonna also defended her decision to introduce David to Kabbalah nice and early.

"I believe in Jesus and I study kabbalah," she said. "So, I don't see why he can't, too."

A fair point. And it could be worse. The kid could look just like Bjork.

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Anna Nicole Smith may not be fit to live in the Bahamas, but don't worry: she is fit to go on national TV and act all broken up about the death of her son, Daniel.

The terrible looking gold digger has broken her silence about the Sept. 10 death the 20-year old in the Nassau hospital room where he was visiting her and his 3-day-old half-sister, Dannielynn Hope.

Playboy Bunny

In a series of interviews scheduled to begin airing Nov. 2 on Entertainment Tonight, an emotional Smith says of her son, "I don't understand why God took him and didn't take me."

She also says Dannielynn "looks like Daniel," which is supposed to make us feel sad, we guess. But we glance at an Anna Nicole Smith picture and she looks like an attention-starved liar.

So forgive our lack of sympathy.

"She seemed calmer, sadder, a bit broken, yet she looked quite beautiful," ET reported, Mark Steines said.

He added that Smith beams when playing with her daughter and is gracious when introducing him to the man she calls her husband: her lawyer and confidante, Howard K. Stern.

"If I didn't have Howard, or my baby, I wouldn't be here," Smith said.
Steines seemed more understanding than we are when talking about Anna Nicole: "This is not just a controversial, misunderstood woman, this is a mother who has lost a child."

True. But she also sold the last pictures of that child alive to magazines for $600,000. It's the sort of capitalistic move that Ivanka Trump might be proud of, but we scoff at.

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