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Actress Cate Blanchett is very fair-skinned, classically beautiful, and almost angelic looking. How ironic, then, that we would compare her to Satan. Yes, we are convinced that somewhere, Cate and Heather Mills have similar appearances, even if this photographic evidence doesn't fully support it. Think about it... and check it out:


Heather Mills' Bad Hair

Of course, the similarities between these two go so far (it's not exactly like Suri Cruise and Bjork here). Nothing can touch that comparison.

And besides, you'll never see Cate getting railed senseless in any sort of soft-core, "instructional sex tapes." Or trying to bilk $400,000,000 out of her soon-to-be ex-husband, a guy who's gonna be in a nursing home before long. Man. No wonder Stella McCartney wants to kill that b!tch Heather.

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As a teen in England, Kate Winslet says: "I was shy. I was vulnerable."

She was also never mistaken for Nicole Richie.

Kate Winslet at the Golden Globes

Slight overweight, Winlet was referred to as "blubber" by other kids, she tells Parade in its upcoming issue. "Other girls teased me terribly. I was bullied, I would just put my head down and get on with it. This was my means of survival."

Things didn't get easier for the actress. At 15, before she fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio on screen, Winslet dealt with serious feelings for an older man in real life: 28-year-old television actor and writer Stephen Tredre.

"Stephen made me feel secure and embraced," says the Little Children actress, 31, who now lives in Manhattan with her husband, director Sam Mendes, 41, and kids Mia, 6, and Joe, 2.

By 16, Winslet had dropped out of high school and was working in a deli when she landed her first film role: the lead in 1994's Peter Jackson-directed Heavenly Creatures.

But shortly before Winslet began filming 1995's Sense and Sensibility, Tredre was diagnosed with bone cancer.

"There was no point to his suffering. No rhyme or reason to it," she says. "When Stephen had gotten better and his cancer was in remission, we broke up. I don't know why. I was so young, when I look back on it. Only 19. How could I have left a person who was so unwell? I thought Stephen was going to be all right."

After their split, "He got ill again. Stephen and I talked every day. This was not somebody I'd turn my back on."

Tredre died in 1997, the week Titanic opened. Winslet missed the movie's Los Angeles premiere to be at his funeral.

"Looking back," she says, "I see what I was dealing with when Titanic came out. I had a lot of pain, and I was confused about who I was."

Now, she's one of the best actresses alive. Her role with Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind earned Winslet an Oscar nomination.

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Sorry, folks, you've missed your chance to hang a picture of Stephen Colbert - posing in front of another picture of Stephen Colbert - in your living room.

Chad Walldorf's chain of barbecue restaurants has beaten you to it. The business paid $50,605 for the portrait, which The Colbert Report sold on e-Bay. The money went to charity.

Steve Colbert

The painting had hung above the fireplace on the set of the Comedy Central show, depicting a debonair Colbert standing in front of a similar portrait of himself. Colbert announced the winner on Tuesday's show - but he still isn't running for president with Jon Stewart.

Walldorf and his business partners, who oversee 17 Sticky Fingers restaurants throughout the South, intend to mount the portrait in their restaurant in Charleston, S.C., Colbert's hometown.

"We don't know much about art, but figured any time you can get two portraits for the price of one, then it must be a great deal ... It's like a buy-one-get-one-free on the American Dream," Walldorf told The Associated Press.

Sort of. But an even better deal, Mr. Walldorf, is that you could've had Lindsay Lohan for free if you just drove by her street corner and rolled down your window.

Proceeds from the painting will benefit Westport, Conn.-based Save the Children.

We saw it as a way to invest in a great cause while ... doing something that we thought would be fun for our employees and customers," Walldorf said.

While this may not be the same as Brad Pitt building homes for Habitat for Humanity, it's still a very nice gesture.

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According to TMZ .com, Reese Witherspoon may not have walked the financial line so well when she entered into her marriage.

Reese Witherspoon Image

The website reports that the actress never asked her less well off husband, Ryan Phillippe, to sign a prenup. Her fortune could now be up for the taking.

And what a fortune it is! Witherspoon now commands $20 million a movie, as she made $30 million in 2005 alone with hits Walk the Line and Just like Heaven. That's almost as many dollars as Flavor Flav has children.

Phillippe, in contrast, has been commanding a paltry $2.5 million per film. Under California law, without a prenup, earnings during a marriage are divided up 50/50.

There shouldn't be any fighting during the settlement, at least. Sources ranking a divorce on a scale of one to 10 - with one being a peaceful breakup and ten being David Hasselhoff-like - say the Witherspoon/Phillippe split is a three.

Using that scale, however, we can't count high enough to determine what Paul McCartney and Heather Mills would be? 57? 9,709?

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Listen up, Lindsay Lohan: Once a year, on October 31, people dress in costumes that are actually different than their wardrobes the rest of the year.

Neutral Colors

Maybe you'll understand the concept next Halloween. For now, we have no idea what you are, aside from desperate on a typical Tuesday night? A Victoria's Secret Model? A member of the Pussycat Dolls?

And you wonder why Ashton Kutcher doesn't want his step-daughter following in your footsteps. Get out while you still can, Rumer. Maybe Hilary Duff needs an assistant.

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We at The Hollywood Gossip worry about the state of America when Flavor Flav can star in a hit television show.

Sometimes, though, we have faith that fellow citizens can recognize an obvious lack of talent when its CDs are thrust upon the shelves. For instance, no one bought the joke of a Paris Hilton album, thank goodness.

Brooke Hogan Bikini

Now, Americans are fighting back again against wanna-be singers! Sales for the first-ever solo album from Brooke Hogan have only totaled 30,442 this week. It's an apt result for a CD entitled Undiscovered.

But don't give in yet, readers. Your job as talent evaluators isn't finished yet. Yesterday, Kevin Federline finally released is long-awaited piece of crap, Playing with Fire.

Just walk on by when you pass a music store, though. Show some self-control... and show K-Fed that you actually would prefer to play with fire than listen to his so-called rapping.

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Earlier today, we documented just how terrible the poor, heartbroken Jessica Simpson is looking. We cried. We really did. No we didn't.

At least Jess can take solace in the fact that her younger, less talented and less hot sister, Ashlee Simpson, isn't looking much better.

Nice Lingerie

The lip-synching plastic surgery junkie hoe is back home following a five-week stint in London's West End production of the musical Chicago, which she somehow was asked to be in. We're still trying to figure that one out.

She apparently wasted little time getting right back into the party scene Monday, chilling with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. Though she looks really bored and out of it. Memo to this Wentz guy: make your move. She's easy and unintelligent. Nick Carter would tell you as much.

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Call him the caped crusader... or just a complete jackass.

In any event, Kevin Federline swooped onstage for a hot performance at the KIIS-FM/West Hollywood Halloween carnival yesterday, as the rapping aspirant and father of four officially released his debut album, Playing With Fire.

A Victoria Prince and Kevin Federline Picture

Of his music, Mr. Britney Spears told People that he's ready to fight for what's his. Whatever that means. His quote: "It's something I believe in and I'm going to fight for it. I'm just another artist that's having to pay his dues."

Sure thing, dude. Why don't you give the people what they want (Jayden James pictures) and spare them what they don't want (your crappy CD)?

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In honor of Halloween, and autumn in general, here are a couple of fall-themed pictures we came across while scouring the Internets for Gossip. Feast your eyes on these puppies:

Lindsay Lohan and Vikram Chatwal

On the left, we see a Suri Cruise pumpkin. So cute and innocent. The Asian-looking spawn of TomKat is captured really nicely in this jack-o-lantern, we have to admit. Apologies to the creator of this piece if it is actually intended to be Bjork -- hope you can understand the confusion.

On the right, we have a pumpkin carved in the likeness of Lindsay Lohan... after a long night of partying. Yes, this is as accurate a depiction of the drugged-up skank as one could hope for. The only thing missing is a pumpkin of Rumer Willis by her side and rushing to clean up the vomit. Gotta love having a personal bitch assistant.

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The Marines may like to look at Jenna Jameson, but sadly, that enjoyable act will be restricted to magazines and videos like the rest of us (Craig Schelske included, no doubt).

The reason we bring this up is not because of our love for Jenna Jameson pictures, but because the porn star's boyfriend, ultimate fighter Tito Ortiz, was scheduled to give a speech as a guest of honor in front of 800 men in uniform at a "birthday" ball at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego on November 12.

Just JJ

Ortiz was uninvited, unfortunately after the Marine Corps brass found out he was going to bring Jameson as his date.

He received an e-mail from Maj. Jason Johnston stating:

"There is some serious consternation here about having your girlfriend attend our ball. Of course I, and a lot of Marines, are very excited about it, [but] many of our commanders feel it might be inappropriate for the type of event we are having... it is professionally embarrassing for me to have to possibly retract our invitation, especially when I am such a big fan."

Seriously. Weak. We know the military doesn't want Lindsay Lohan, but come on. These guys (and girls) work so hard, they deserve a visit by Jameson. Shame.

In any case, Ortiz and Jameson are making other plans -- which hopefully involve watching the Dustin Diamond sex tape and getting some pointers.

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