Nicky Hilton Really is Dating David Katzenberg

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In case you didn't believe us earlier, Nicky Hilton really is dating the ex of Mary-Kate Olsen. Yes, we know that we first reported it was the ex-beau of Ashley Olsen. But here's the thing -- they look really similar, those crazy Olsen girls! Try to watch Full House and tell them apart! Seriously! They're like twins! In any case, our bad. Please direct your attention below.

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On the left, you'll see David Katzenberg, son of very rich Dreamworks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Mary-Kate Olsen chilling. They look like a cute couple -- except for the whole Mary-Kate part. Good riddance.

On the right, you'll see David Katzenberg and Nicky Hilton getting out of a car and looking more than a little confused.

Why the puzzled expressions? Perhaps because Nicky just posted bail for David? What is with that orange jumpsuit? Is that what the kids think is trendy these days? In any case, he looks like a cool guy. Snoop Dogg would be proud... fo' shizzle, dizzle!

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Gay thats MK and it looks like david n nikki are dressed for halloween


He really likes to date girls that don't eat, huh...


i cannot believe how come artist do this among them, i mean, both of them are beautiful, but it is also known that MaryKate has a beautiful heart, it is not fear to do this to her. After she reaches the end of her desease and now, this.


she looks what ugly this beard than he does tem!? I no court with him! a good deal ugly! ah & the Nicky fica 10 turns mais beautiful blonde!!!


THE David it's too much ugly even! creed the nicky & the ashley são a good deal beautiful , & são nuts of having boyfriend with him!




That's Ashley because she is skinner