Lorenzo Borghese Blows it On Bachelor Finale

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Her princess title will have to wait, but Jennifer Wilson got her prince on The Bachelor.

That's right, Lorenzo Borghese somehow chose ditzy Jen over the far superior Sadie Murray on Monday's two-hour finale.

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"I came here for one reason and that was in search for love," the 34-year-old Manhattanite and Italian noble family member told Jennifer as he informed her of his decision during the reality TV show's final rose ceremony. "I didn't want 25 women, I wanted one."

"Oh my god!," the giddy 24-year-old eighth grade teacher from Pembroke Pines, Fla., replied, as our staff members vowed to stick to Laguna Beach for our reality fix from now on.

However, Lorenzo didn't propose, or even attempt to present his network-supplied engagement ring to Jennifer as a "promise ring." No one needs to get married these days - just ask Brangelina. Instead, he presented the Florida teacher with an offer to leave the "Garden of Eden" and "take it on" with him in New York.

After meeting with both fathers, Lorenzo had his final one-on-one dates with Jennifer (below, left) and Sadie (below, right), setting the stage for the final ceremony in which each woman arrived separately learn of his decision. Sadie arrived first and, following some brief praise of her, Lorenzo cut right to his decision.

"In your wish list, you said 'I want to be with a guy that can't fathom to be with another woman' ... the truth is that there is another woman here and at this point I would rather be with her," Lorenzo told the 23-year-old from San Diego. "I don't know what else to say, Sadie."

THG NOTE: He could have invited Britney Spears to accept his ring instead, but that would have been against the show's rules.

Sadie, a classy, spunky, composed and virginal cutie, initially took the news well.

"I'm grateful for everything and thank you, really, thank you... I'm not good but I will be, I'm fine," she said.

But as the conversation continued, Sadie began to get more emotional.

"I just don't know why I did this... I feel so foolish... I thought it was real," Sadie lamented.


Lorenzo your still young, you'll know when the time is right and find the right woman because it comes from the heart. I'm 45 maried for 16yrs
be patient. Have Fun


Well, that finale represents 2 hours of my life I won't get back! You have GOT to be kidding me that he didn't pick Sadie - they were well matched, their backgrounds more similar and, well, Sadie is classy, classy, classy. Um, take the meeting of the parents at the palace for 1 example. I am sure she will find someone who will make her a "princess" in her own right.


Please help... I heard Lorenzo and Jenn are not even together anymore. People are saying they only acted like a couple during publicity interviews in NY and Jenn returned to Florida, while Lorenzo was seen out parting and dancing with someone new


quisiera tener mas info acerca de este tal Lorenzo Borghese.


Jen is gorgeous, genuine, sweet, and grounded. She will bring a lot of joy and love to Lorenzo's life. Lorenzo is lucky to have her. I wish the couple much happiness!


Both sadie and jen were the same person.. snotty elitist materialistic plain lame pale blondes....yuk
Lorenzo would have fared better with the gorgeously exotic dark italian girl who he got rid of but then again he was going for the country club waspy ideal instead of his Italien roots.. no wonder he ended up with 2 blondes..He is supposed to be some italien prince yet cant even speak italien?? pathetic ....Can u say sellout..Judging from his moms trashy blonde roots I see where he gets it from...


I was very disappointed the way it all played out.
I hoped Sadie would win but I am sue she is the winner after all. I was schocked the way Lorenzo handled his goodby to Sadie in fact I thought it was rude. He tried to be as hurtful as he could.


Loved Jen, she seemed more down to earth and real, please, I got tired of hearing sadie telling everyone who would hear, even his mother that she was saving herself, as if that was going to insure Lorenzo picked her, and as far as Lorenzo, what's wrong with all of you, he was the best, for all his money and family background and believe me he has money, he was real and so compassionate compared to the other batchlors who were so into themselves, and of course he would say lets get out of this dream world and go into the real world without everyone watching every move and telling us what to do and see how we get along, where are the other batchlors , or they married, maybe one or two, so kudos to you Lorenzo, I would have loved you for my daughter. You are a testament to how well your mother brought you up.


I think that Lorenzo actually liked and respected Sadie best but because he had no intention of getting married after the show to either her or Jen he chose Jen because he knew Sadie would be the one most hurt. He can also now pretend and move in with Jen for a while but could not have had the same arrangement with Sadie.


Lorenzo's mother looked more a princess of the gypsies.

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