Lorenzo Borghese Blows it On Bachelor Finale

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Her princess title will have to wait, but Jennifer Wilson got her prince on The Bachelor.

That's right, Lorenzo Borghese somehow chose ditzy Jen over the far superior Sadie Murray on Monday's two-hour finale.

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"I came here for one reason and that was in search for love," the 34-year-old Manhattanite and Italian noble family member told Jennifer as he informed her of his decision during the reality TV show's final rose ceremony. "I didn't want 25 women, I wanted one."

"Oh my god!," the giddy 24-year-old eighth grade teacher from Pembroke Pines, Fla., replied, as our staff members vowed to stick to Laguna Beach for our reality fix from now on.

However, Lorenzo didn't propose, or even attempt to present his network-supplied engagement ring to Jennifer as a "promise ring." No one needs to get married these days - just ask Brangelina. Instead, he presented the Florida teacher with an offer to leave the "Garden of Eden" and "take it on" with him in New York.

After meeting with both fathers, Lorenzo had his final one-on-one dates with Jennifer (below, left) and Sadie (below, right), setting the stage for the final ceremony in which each woman arrived separately learn of his decision. Sadie arrived first and, following some brief praise of her, Lorenzo cut right to his decision.

"In your wish list, you said 'I want to be with a guy that can't fathom to be with another woman' ... the truth is that there is another woman here and at this point I would rather be with her," Lorenzo told the 23-year-old from San Diego. "I don't know what else to say, Sadie."

THG NOTE: He could have invited Britney Spears to accept his ring instead, but that would have been against the show's rules.

Sadie, a classy, spunky, composed and virginal cutie, initially took the news well.

"I'm grateful for everything and thank you, really, thank you... I'm not good but I will be, I'm fine," she said.

But as the conversation continued, Sadie began to get more emotional.

"I just don't know why I did this... I feel so foolish... I thought it was real," Sadie lamented.


I've been skimming through this trying to find out if the rumor that Lorenzo is now with Sadie is true or not. Does anyone know? What grade does Jen teach? I'm sure glad she won't be teaching my kids...Can anyone say gold-digger?


To bad Lorenzo's parents didn't help him out. You can tell how the dad enjoyed Sadie' ball of fire and the mother loving how she was out there and amused her son.With Jen, dad had a puzzled look and Amanda was on the money with her palm reading. Person lives where she lives and work together(hello, teacher).Go Sadie!


I agree with most of you, I think Sadie was the better pick, Jen was sooooo dull. My FAVORITE post here though was Jen's ex-student. His grammar was so bad! So if we summarize the posts, poor Jen is now rough around the edges, dull, a bit loose AND a bad teacher!! Ha!


All tabloid rumors and speculation folks! Jennifer and Lorenzo were also reported to spend Christmas together in Miami and New Years in New York. Kristen


If Lorenzo is with Sadie, Im glad the boy finally came to his senses and realized what a rare person Sadie is. Sadie truly cared for him.. IF he is with SADIE now maybe after watching the show he saw the difference in Jen and Sadie. Jen only wanted to win, she had no real feelings for him. IF shse was in love with Lorenzo she would be with him in NYC. I wish somone would find out the facts soon.


I heard that Lorenzo's brother Skip announced on HSN that Lorenzo and Sadie were together in NYC. I wish somone can find out if they are together romantically, friends, or business .


Sorry for the typos.. my niece ( who is two) was trying to get my attention so I will re-post. "It is true that Jennifer is actively dating a fellow teacher and has been for some time. In fact if you go purchase the latest edition of the National Enquirer you will see her and her new beau. Jennifer has been dating this guy (a fellow teacher) weeks prior to shows shown of her and Lorenzo after the Finale. Jennifer will not be moving to New York and she states as much."


It is true that Jennifer is actively dating a fellow teacher and has been for some time. In fact if you go and but the national Enquirer you will see her and her new beau. She has been dating this guy prior to shows shown after viewers saw Lorenzo select her. Jennifer will not be moving in to New York and she states as much.


And we are suppose to believe you Happy Camper because...? Sadie interview: http://www.91x.com/podcast/ind...


Just thought you'd all want an update. Lorenzo and Sadie are together now!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

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