Kevin Federline Denies Britney Spears Sex Tape Exists

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Kevin Federline is denying reports that he is trying to extort money from estranged wife Britney Spears by releasing a video of him making filthy, endless, white-trash love to her.

"There is not a sex video of Kevin and Britney in existence," Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, says in a statement issued Tuesday.


"It goes without saying that stories of Kevin trying to sell a sex video are patently false and anyone who reports they have information of such attempts is either lying or reporting the lie of someone else."

On November 12, the News of the World reported that Federline, who is seeking spousal support and custody of his two sons with Britney, Sean Preston and Jayden James, was trying to sell the alleged tape and had already been offered nearly $50 million.

Numerous sources also reported that David Hans Schmidt, the legendary celebrity sex tape distributor, was in contact with the alleged seller. It sure has been a crazy two weeks since Britney Spears filed for divorce from K-Fed back on November 7, officially pulling the plug after two years of crappy marriage.

The statement from Federline's attorney continues:

"It would be impossible to comment upon and correct all of the other misinformation about Kevin that appears on a daily basis and consequently no attempt has been made, or will be made, to do so. I hope that the public and media will keep this in mind before assuming accuracy of facts from Kevin's silence."

You got it, Mark Vincent Kaplan. We will stick to the facts from now on, at your request. Here are a couple of things we know for sure:

  1. There is no Britney Spears sex tape.
  2. Kevin Federline is the biggest loser alive.
  3. But less offensive than Michael Richards.

Kevin steals somebody elses entire life earnings, and he would apparently not do ANYTHING to make money through other peoples suffering? Give me a break!


Actions speak much louder than words.
Kevin has stolen millions from Britney and went out of his way to get a lot of child support money,which goes to only one child:HIMSELF. If he really loved Britney he would have settled for much less money . In fact he should not be getting a cent, but should be paying Britney, since she already supported HIM in the two years of marriage.Any intelligent person can see the kind of person that Kevin is, except if you are blinded by love,like Britney was. I guess governments make these unfair laws, because THE GOVERNMENT does not want to look after these people when they end up with nothing after a divorce. Thus the government encourages injustice and especially encourages LAZY people. Much easier to steal a persons entire life earnings than to work for it yourself, inst it???


...WOW!!! Videos being watched right now on YouTube


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