Josh Hartnett and His New Leading Lady Exposed

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We feel sorry for Amber Sainsbury.

The actress is perfectly attractive and maybe sort of talented. But she's no Scarlett Johansson, the woman she looks to be replacing.

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On November 19, Australia's Daily Telegraph ran photos of Josh Hartnett, Johannson's ex, at a Sydney airport with a "mystery woman." She's now been identified as Sainsbury, his costar in the upcoming horror-thriller 30 Days of Night.

According to the Telegraph, the pair holed up at a Sydney-area hotel and had brunch two days in a row at local café Forbes & Burton.

Harnett's rep downplayed any romance, saying the actor has been hanging out with "a friend… nothing more."

Of course, that's also what they said about Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson at first.

Sainsbury, to be clear, is NOT the next Abbie Cornish. Johannson and Hartnett have actually been broken up for some time now. "They've just been growing apart for a while, and they had had enough," a friend said.

Had enough, Josh? Maybe you haven't seen these Scarlett Johannsson pictures.


Harsh much, Amber Sainsbury is beautiful. Yeah Scarlett trumps her if your into blonde with big boobs, but i do also love her (i love curvy women). They are different kinds of beautiful. I loved Amber in the tv show Hex. Don't you have anything better to do?


It seems that the breakup of Scarlett Johanssen and Josh Hartnett was precipitated when she caught him en flagrante delicto with a handsome actor.


Oh please, Josh is douche bag like Jared Leto. He was only using Scarlett to reinvigorate his career after HE QUIT. It wasn't that he wasn't being offered roles, the dumbass just gave up and quit so he could go back home to Minnesota to PAINT. I have no respect for men that cheat, especially being a man myself, but for the guy to cheat on Scarlett AND ON HER BIRTHDAY!! WTF kind of person is that? I hope he fails miserably, that's the only thing he deserves. Shame on him.

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