JoJo Comments on Hyde Trip NoNo

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Look, just because she's 15 doesn't mean that JoJo isn't allowed in night clubs, ok?!?

Wait, it does? Oh. Our bad.

The singer, who caused a mini-scandal in October when she was spotted at L.A.'s Hyde Lounge, recently defended her trip there. Without confirming rumors of a Jessica Biel/Derek Jeter dance floor pairing, JoJo said:

"I didn't know it was 21 and over ... It's a freakin' restaurant and I was there with my mom and two other underage friends. I had milk and cookies! I wasn't drinking alcohol."

Of course, they were magic cookies, the kind Pete Doherty eats. And the milk was 2%. But neither of those possibly untrue facts means that the child will be visiting Hyde again:

"It's not really my thing. I just dipped my toes (in the scene)."

Meanwhile, the singer (real name: Joanna Levesque) turns 16 on December 20 and still won't be able to legally imbibe for five years. But that hasn't stopped her from landing a top-10 hit with "Too Little Too Late."

Critics and fans have compared JoJo to Mariah Carey and Beyoncé (who she calls "my biggest role model"). Our staff thinks she's just the latest example of how young stars are getting, however.

There's just no telling where we'll see JoJo - or Ali Lohan - next. But someone may wanna check Wilder Valderrama's bedroom.


hi . jojo how are you ?.Im Ari . and you are my favorite singer really .... and i hope see you one day .


hi jojo i like u and i love u take care and goodluck dont forget to pray ok bye tnx


hi im the bigest fan os her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you lot are just kiddin cause im da no.1 fan in the whole uniwerse cause i wear cllothes lyk jojo hair lyk jojo and im da same religion and horoscopes so in ur uglyy face + i met her and i got her auto graph+ im 18= no.1 fan


omg i am ya biggest fan just trust me i have a folder that i carry around that only has pics of you and if i lost that i would die all i do is talk about you are so pretty and i love you music exceptional made me have more self confadence and i would neva have any before you and i am counting the days till i get to meat my fav person joanna noelle levesq love-ashten joannalevesques biggest fan graves stay up :)
i love you ma -


jojo's got a beautiful voice n' the best pop teenager <3


in wilder valderrama's bedroom?! not true! shes the best singer and role model


jojo u r the best singer you r so beautifull


i love love love you where where where can i meet you can can can you mention my name somwhere as your biggest fan my name is sarah myers love ya bye.


hi JoJo! i am just one of your die hard fans! i am so dying to meet you if i only have th chance...and i hope i have that chance..i love you sooo much....good luck to your career and GOD BLESS! sing more songs for us!~don't worry you have all of us your fans....


jojo u r my rolemodle and i love ur singing so much you inspierd me to start singing to and i love it


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