Jayden James Pictures: Coming Soon For Free!

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Yes, it's true. Apparently Britney Spears really doesn't want K-Fed feeding off her anymore, and justifiably so. That guy sucks ass! As a result, she's reportedly going to be offering up the first adorable little Jayden James Federline pictures for free.

Why does this matter? Because we have no lives. And because by doing so, Brit will avoid triggering a little-known clause in the couple's prenuptial agreement that guarantees K-Fed receives get a portion of any proceeds from selling pics of their kids.

Bikini Britney

The perpetually pregnant pop princess has decided to offer the pictures free, but not to the usual outlet for her photos, People. Instead, she'd like to follow in TomKat's footsteps and get them into a more high-brow monthly or bimonthly publication.

Oh, those wonderful Suri Cruise pictures. How we miss thee, you little Asian cutie.

People, for its part, says it would be "more than happy" to have the pictures of Jayden James. So would T.H. Gossip, Brit, if you change your mind. Screw high-brow. This divorce is already getting ugly. And the real classy girls wanna go low-brow to begin with.

Meanwhile, according to several ticketing websites, two Kevin Federline concerts in Cleveland and Atlantic City, N.J., have been cancelled. The gigs in Federline's native Southern California are still good to go, but they're not scheduled until just before Thanksgiving.

You go girl. Stick it to him. TEAM BRITNEY!


watch Jayden James video:


I want to see that lil guy so much! I absolutly LOVE Britney and feel so horrible for what she has been dealing with ...for crying out loud she cant have a moment to rest... and eveyone is talking down upon her but in REALITY if you were a celeb and your life was in the spot light 24/7 what would people have to say about you??!?! I think sean and jayden and britney need some praise and space xoxo


I hope we'll see those pictures very soon. Can't wait to see what he looks like.


Hy all !
Nagyon szeretem Britneyt,ezért is szeretnék végre Jayden Jamesről is képeket látni :)
Thanks BYE


Me encanta Britney, y creí desde el momento en que se conocieron que Kevin no era para ella. Ahora Britney se puede dar cuanta de eso, ya que él le está pidiendo dinero a cambio de no publicar un video sexual de ellos dos.
Igualmente me segue encantando Britney!

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