It's True: Michelle Trachtenberg is Now Dating DJ AM

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We were as shocked by this news as anybody. After all, wasn't DJ AM recently engaged to Nicole Richie? Twice.

That's almost as many pounds as Lionel's daugther has put on the last nine years. Combined.

DJ AM Sighting!

Anyway, it appears as though Nicole has moved on with Samuel Plouchart - and now the DJ is stepping out with a new leading lady, as well. He was recently seen with Michelle Trachtenberg (pictured below) at night club, Stereo.

Trachtenberg's Eurotrip co-stars had no comment, but we wonder if Brody Jenner cares. He did date Richie for awhile.

Which means he's sort of slept with DJ AM. And Lauren Conrad has sort of slept with Trachtenberg. That's hot.


she had her publicists say that to the press- he was talking to some other gorgeous (healthy) nicole lookalike all night--- michelle is a media WHORE and was annoying everyone- and her shirt was tacky in person lol find pictures from that night, he is with another girl in ALL of them- funny how these d list girls try and spin things to get any attention they can muster


I don't care if it's true or not, just keep putting those pictures of her up on the web. What a babe!


This is not true. Below is an excerpt from an interview she recently did. A week later, she got another "Page Six" mention, labeled "Whole New Spin," about Trachtenberg and Richie's ex-fiance DJ AM "billing and cooing" together at Stereo nightclub. "I'm looking to be in this world for the long haul," Trachtenberg said about the entertainment industry. "I'm not looking to be on the cover of Us Weekly every week. I'm not about the gossip or 'Who is she dating?' or blah, blah, blah. When, unfortunately, there are things in the tabloids about it, it's very upsetting because you know it's not true."

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