Hilary Duff and Joel Madden Call it Quits

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The good news for Hilary Duff is that she no longer has a stalker (and, apparently, Bob Uecker never did; just for the record).

The bad news is that the young singer/actress also doesn't have a boyfriend.

Hilary's Feline Frenzy

Duff and Joel Madden are no longer dating, as confirmed by Madden during a guest DJ appearance at a club in Chicago over the weekend. The rocker talked about being single, telling clubgoers that Duff had broken up with him ten days earlier.

The reason? We doubt it was Duff's new goth look, although if you see her dating either of the Olsen Twins, now you'll know why.

In reality, it was Duff and Madden's age difference (he's 27, she's 19) that caused problems. Sadly, this doesn't bode well for Wilmer Valderrama and Ali Lohan.

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Aww they were real cute together and this pic so proved it


nossa eu adoro o Joel Madden sou sua maior fã de verdade...(que puxa saco EU =P )
adorei a Hilary e o Joel namorando vocês formao um lindo casal!!! não sei por que mas eu acho que estou de fora da conversa vocês se separaran(acabarao o namoro) nossa to mó triste de saber vocês formavao um lindo casal
AH sua nova musica do Good Charlotte-the river tá 10 d+
adoro vocês...
Bjosss e abraços da brasileira Raquel Ferrari!!!


You knoow, I kind of thought they would be together, but then when i heard about it i was like ok... that's fine... whatever. But when I heard he was going out with Nicole Riche, I was exploded! She (nicole) seems like a girl to get any guy she can get. I think she's trying to hurt hilary. But I'm glad hilary is happy being single too.


i thought it wound last i am so sad hat they broke up but anyway she can find someone better becoz she can get anyone


la verdad hacian una bonita pareja no se porque se separaron porque yo no quiero ver a joel con otra persona que no sea hillary


pues yo diigO ke pss ke mal por ellos, osea se veian bien nO? lOs OpuestOs ii tOdO, aunkee ps Hil se veiia muxO mejOr k Madden, perO esperO k pudiieran regresar hacen bOniita pareja


Duff ain't nothin' but a b**** 'cause they have dated for nearly 2 and a half years and she never worried about his age. That was a bullsh** lie.


i really thoght it would last i was so crushed when i heard.


en realidad si duraron, emma, xke etuvieron creo ke 2 o 3 años.
pr otraa parte yo dije ke no yegarian a las fiestas este año:P


i knew it wouldn't last...

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