Faith Hill to Carrie Underwood: I'm Happy for You. Really.

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Faith Hill has a simple message for fans around the world:

I'm no Kanye West.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

The rapper has earned a reputation for reacting bitterly when he doesn't win an award - and now the country music star is in similar danger.

Of course, Faith says she was just joking when cameras showed her screaming ‘WHAT?' in apparent anger when she lost the female vocalist of the year award to Carrie Underwood at the Country Music Association Awards on Monday night in Nashville.

"The idea that I would act disrespectful towards a fellow musician is unimaginable to me," Hill said in a statement. "For this to become a focus of attention given the talent gathered is utterly ridiculous. Carrie is a talented and deserving Female Vocalist of The Year.'

Media outlets and blogs zeroed in on Hill's reaction after Underwood's name was announced at the ceremony. While other nominees - Sara Evans, Gretchen Wilson, Martina McBride - gave the typical gracious loser smile, Hill, who was standing backstage, turned to the camera and shouted ‘WHAT?'

Although her voice could not be heard, it was clear from her lips what she said. And it sounds like the biggest vernacular faux pas since Britney Spears said "I do" to Kevin Federline.


hey there Faith you might not know me or remember me but my mom Jennifer Wingfield went behind stage of one of your concerts before you got married and it was when you had short hair. She says that she got a picture of you that is autographed by you to me. I've heard much about how your life has changed alot and I'm happy for you. oh and to tell you the truth, I was 3 when my mom went to your concert and now I'm 14, that was 11 years ago. can you believe it, time has gone by so fast. My mom also went with her friend Threasa Gallegher and maybe my aunt.


people are reading way too much into a joke if you look at her face on the video you can tell she is jokeing she was smileing when she said it she has so many music awards under her belt i really dont see her as a sor loser people who are jelious of her will look for anyreason to make her the bad guy...dont hate someone just because their beautiful whitch is clearley what is going on here.....