Eminem: Yes, Mariah Carey Got the Full Slim Shady

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is pissed.

No, not because we imposed his face on a woman's in a recent blog about Martha Stewart wanting the actor to appear on her show. We assume Slim Shady found that humorous.

Carey's Cleavage

But the 34-year-old rapper did launch into a tirade against Mariah Carey on his Sirius Satellite Radio show. He was aghast the singer denied a relationship with him in 2001.

"Yes, me and Mariah did have a relationship for about a good six, seven months. (But) it didn't work. I wasn't really into what she was into; our personalities collided. She's a diva, and I'm a little more regular, I guess."

Right. Eminem is about as regular as Kristin Cavallari is poor.

"I can never deny her talent, but the fact that she denied we ever had something, that's bad," the rapper continued.

We agree. It would be like David Katzenberg denying he's had a relationship with Mary-Kate Olsen and Nicky Hilton. We have the pictorial evidence to prove him wrong if he tried that lie.


Im on eminems sidee...
he dont lie and plus miraih is a slag!!!.


EMINEM is the best,
mariah and nick can go die and lick ass. they both suck balls, and nick with his stupid empty threat.
ure going against eminem and his crew? ure a retard, get a fucken career and a brain!


u tha best dawg and oh!! id luv 2 marry hailie j thts if u dnt mind


eminem u tha best thing eva hapend 2earth u tha best i got ol ur ulbums..4rm tha real slim shady 2 relapse ol tha way i jst cnt get enuf jo!! kip up tha gud work aftermath baby yea we doinit fc ol them haterz and tha world suc his dic while he"s pukin.....ssssssssssssssssssssshady


em is shit n anyone has a problem wit mariah call me


hey eminem ilove so mathsh sex lde hs


hi wha are u talking about mariah carey need to jump off his dick and just because he is so sexy she just mad cuz he left her ass i would tap on that any day i love eminem hes my baby daddy




ryt i dnt no wer 2 begin with eminem he iz just a ill member he iz sik his music iz sik his lyrics are amazeing he tells you wat he iz thinkin he speaks his mynd he ( just dnt giv a fuk) as for maria ye she can sing but hu the ryt frame ov mynd would dnie eminem
slim shady eminem marshal mathers I LOVE YOU XXXXXX


eminem is the best rapper evr ben invertor and he is a hero

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