Dustin Diamond Leads Cast of Next Celebrity Fit Club

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By now, you've probably heard about the Dustin Diamond sex tape. Details aren't pretty. Evidently, they aren't healthy, either.

After all, the man who played Screech for about three dozen years is leading an washed up all-star cast of stars in the latest season of Celebrity Fit Club, a reality show on VH-1. The network's website describes the series as follows:

Eight overweight stars are divided into two teams and challenged to get fit and lose weight over a 14 week period.

Joining Diamond this season will be former American Idol contestant, Kimberley Locke, along with Warren G, Maureen McCormick and Da Brat. Previous editions have included Daniel Baldwin, the car-stealing brother of Alec and Stephen.

Rumors are swirling that the next reality series for the channel will be Celebrity Fat Club.

It will star Nicole Richie, Kelly Ripa and Kate Bosworth and a newborn baby. Participants will be judged on who weighs the most after a set period of time. Peter Sarsgaard will judge.


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Dustin's cool and he's right Kimberly Locke does need one of his dildo's that dumb whale and why don't they get Da Brat a sex change since she wants to be a guy so bad Only other cool guy on here is the Regulator himself, Warren G, gettin fit while keep tha thug thizzle


wow...what a complete immature loser. i used to watch saved by the bell just like everyone else and never would have thought he acted like this in real life. i'm actually embarrassed for him. nice work "D-Man"...you friggin dork.


I am appalled at Dustin Diamond. What happened to him that made him such a cynical bastard? Whatever it was, I hope he get the help he needs. Frankly I don't feel he needs to lose as much weight as he needs to gain a personality

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