Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell Adjust to Life in the Spotlight. Together.

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Sorry, Petra Nemcova and James Blunt. You're not the only happy couple in Hollywood.

Casino Royale star, Daniel Craig, is quite happy with his real-life squeeze, as well.

Daniel Craig British GQ Cover

"I'm very happily partnered with someone," the latest James Bond said of his girlfriend for over a year, Satsuki Mitchell.

"He's head over heels in love with her," a source told Us magazine. "It's been a huge deal for him being Bond. He's found it quite stressful, and she's been there every step of the way."

Hear that, Joel Madden? You don't just leave because your significant other is more famous than you are.

Casino Royale netted $40.8 million its opening weekend. While filming on location, Craig checked in daily with phone calls, while Mitchell was on hand for the film's premieres across the globe.

But when they're not jet-setting, they pair is often spotted doing un-Bondlike activities, such as grocery shopping in their London neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Satsuki is in a close race with Thijs Lauer for weirdest name on the planet. We'll let you know how it goes.

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Daniel definitely is stupid and he has some kind of comples to date an asian woman. Asian women tend to be submisive.
And more, Satsuki wears the funiest clothes, look what she wore for Defiance premiere in Paris! Poodle, missus. What for Oscars 2009, red ballon on shoulder, she looked like a scarecrow! What she for premiere Quantum in Sydney- her tits made puke many fans of Daniel, her clothes on Defiancé premiers in London and New York. A granny in Filmball in Munich. She is a fashion victim. Daniel doesn't look happy with her at all.


im so jealous


She's so elegant.


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She is beautiful - but boy is she one lucky woman!!


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They can't even dress her up and make her look good. Daniel Craig's gorgeous crystal blue eyes must be blind. She's actually hard to look at!


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beautiful???? you are kidding


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