Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 15

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This is awkward.

In the past, our celebrity look-alikes didn't have much in common (aside from, you know, their looks). But Suri Cruise and Bjork? They've probably never even heard of each other.

Reese Witherspoon Image

The same can't exactly be said for this pair. Indeed, Reese Witherspoon and Abbie Cornish are rumored to share more than the blonde locks you see below.

We apologize to Ryan Phillippe if pointing out these similarities makes things uncomfortable. But we've got a job to do.

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I think Abbie Cornish is 20x better looking than Reese Witherspoon. Not to say that I like Abbie more, but just from a looks standpoint


They don't look alike ,dude or dudet your high ...


Abbie Cornish is a doll. Reese is kind of weird looking, specially in the chin. When it comes to sexy, Cornish win by far. No wonder Ryan Phillippe changed gals after meeting her. I'd have done that too.


Abbie cornish has golden eyes, reese has blue and their eye shapes are different too. Reese has a bigger nose facing down, where as abbie has a button nose. Reese's jaw and smile is bigger than abbie's. And even there hair isn't the same blonde. So no, THEY DON'T LOOK ALIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Abby's nose is fake. Open rhinoplasty


You will need to travel to Omaha, Nebraska to see the "TRUE" Reece look alike. Her name is Nicole. Ever since she has been in the 4th grade she has had the nik name of Reece. The name given by others. Nicole cut her hair off this past summer and then Reece did - WOW they sure look alike!


obeeo qe Reeseee,hacia la pareja perfecta cn ryann!


Well your not doing a very good job because Reese does not look like Abbie Cornish are you blind!!!!

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