Cameron Diaz Nose She Needs Surgery

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A topless Cameron Diaz? We can get behind those pictures.

We're guessing the actress can, also (considering she posed for them and all). But it sounds like the lady friend of Justin Timberlake would prefer if you looked at her chest than her supposedly ugly nose.

Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas

"I'm getting it fixed," said the actress. "I can't take it. I cannot breathe at all."

Diaz said that she broke her nose for the fourth time while surfing a few years ago. As a result, one side of her nose is "totally shattered," and that her septum is like "a train derailed."

We'd tell Cameron to talk to Ashlee Simpson about plastic surgery in this area, but she's never had it done, of course. No way. No chance.

She's also never slept with Nick Carter or lip synched during a concert.


She dont need no plastic surgery shes pretty :D


All you people bitching that she wants plastic surgery are morons. Did you even read the whole article? Look at her nose. It's obviously been busted up a few times. So she's not having surgery to look good. She's having surgery so she can breathe. So scroll back up, and read it again. Good job. Now post a comment. There you go. Try that next time. Idiots.


I don't hope they change her nose to much, coz she's a pretty girl...


you are frightfully beautiful you are one that god wants to show us how much a person can be beautiful i have never seen a woman as beautiful as you.
i wish all women were as beautiful as you are. but this is impossible.


wtf ...cameron totally does NOt need a surgery ...i mean ..shes if she does gets a plastic surgery ..she could end up looking like freakin micheal jackson...buut also theres the thing that she cant breath well..and well thats freakin vital uhh!!!...but ..well ..i dont now how does a shatter nose looks like in me or feels like...but ..with ..or without shattered nose ...she is totally one of the most gorgeous girl ever!!...ii so want 2 look like her!!!


She is alright, her fans should like in the way she is , in aspect of personality.


me gustas mucho cameron diaz y me gustaria que pudiera escribir a mi correo electronico . CAMERON SI LEES ESTE MENSAJE ESCRIVEME CUNPLIRIAS MI SUEÑO . mi correo es aldebran_cid quien te quiere walter de peru


Con naranjas naranjas y limones, limones, te voy a rexupea to lo pesone.


estoy enamorado de cameron diaz


i love cameron she sexy, hot and a lovely body she doesnt need a nose job shes just perfect

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