Brooke Hogan Album Sales Tank

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We at The Hollywood Gossip worry about the state of America when Flavor Flav can star in a hit television show.

Sometimes, though, we have faith that fellow citizens can recognize an obvious lack of talent when its CDs are thrust upon the shelves. For instance, no one bought the joke of a Paris Hilton album, thank goodness.

Brooke Hogan Bikini

Now, Americans are fighting back again against wanna-be singers! Sales for the first-ever solo album from Brooke Hogan have only totaled 30,442 this week. It's an apt result for a CD entitled Undiscovered.

But don't give in yet, readers. Your job as talent evaluators isn't finished yet. Yesterday, Kevin Federline finally released is long-awaited piece of crap, Playing with Fire.

Just walk on by when you pass a music store, though. Show some self-control... and show K-Fed that you actually would prefer to play with fire than listen to his so-called rapping.

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