Britney Spears, Paris Hilton Party All Weekend

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Whatever else they had to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears certainly seemed glad to have each other around.

Britney Spears' breasts hung out in Los Angeles almost every night over the holiday week, and the singer herself hung out with her new BFF, Paris, even during the day. The pair went shopping in Malibu together with Spears' son, Sean Preston, in tow on Saturday evening.

Britney Having a Blast

They kicked off the girl-time marathon Tuesday, when Spears went to a hot party Hilton hosted at her West Hollywood home. The following night, they were spotted at Teddy's in matching leopard-print outfits (below). The slew of Britney Spears pictures since the divorce announcement sure are something else.

THG NOTE: Spears' estranged, deadbeat husband, Kevin Federline, was hosting an album party / sausage-fest across town at Republic the same night.

Friday, Hilton left her sister, Nicky Hilton, and friends at the nightclub Les Deux to pick up Britney. The pair stopped at Hyde before eventually heading back to Les Deux before close.

Finally, on Saturday, after their shopping trip with Sean Preston, the duo were back at Hyde partying with the crazy (and possibly Satanic) Olsen twins.

THG NOTE: No word on whether Stavros Niarchos was in attendance.

There's little question about who wears the pants in this relationship. Britney. At least literally. Paris' pants come off faster than Michael Richards fires off hate-filled rants. But in the figurative sense, anyway, Paris is acting like Brit's protector.

"Paris was acting like Britney's boyfriend," says a source who saw them at Hyde. "She opened doors for her, held her hand, and even had her arm around Britney's lower back. Britney happily accepted Paris' friendly gestures."

Yikes. While there is apparently no Britney Spears sex tape in existance right now, Brit had better watch out, because the longer she hangs out with this worthless (but fun-loving) tramp, the greater the chances become of one materializing. We're certain that David Hans Schmidt has operatives monitoring the gruesome twosome closely.

Spears filed for divorce from Federline earlier on November 7 after two years of marriage. Britney and Paris have not yet made their wedding plans public.


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Esa amistad es una mentira, en algun punto una le conviene a la otra


I think they make a lovely couple. Way to go girls!


Brit looks so out of place in pictures with Paris. They totally look like the odd couple. Brit should be home with her two sons and giving them all the love they need. They don't need to be home with a nanny or other family, they need their mother! Brit, you are making me change my feelings about you. Stop wasting your life, your life is now at home and needs to be read a bed time story!! Shame on you. Get all the partying out of your system, your beginning to look like a Hollywood slut!

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