Bobby Brown's Prerogative: Knocking Up Karrine Steffans

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Deadbeat dad and former R&B hit-maker Bobby Brown has reportedly done it again. No, he hasn't released a hit single. What is this, 1992?

Brown, pictured here in his formative years, has allegedly impregnated girlfriend Karrine Steffans. Again. After telling her he got a vasectomy.

Terrell Owens, Bobby Brown

The bad boy moved in with the home-wrecking video vixen-turned-author after his wife, Whitney Houston, filed for divorce earlier this year.

Now the child support-dodging, woman-beating assclown is about to become a dad again. That certainly didn't take long.

According to the National Enquirer, Steffans, 28, is expecting Brown's fifth child.

A source tells the publication:

"When Karrine found out she was pregnant she was so angry because Bobby had told her he couldn't have more kids."

Well, there goes that theory. This guy is clearly setting the bar pretty high for Kevin Federline, though the aspiring rapper still has many more fertile years in him.

Lovers Steffans and Brown are reportedly making plans for a reality TV show focusing on their romance. While that show will clearly eat it, it sounds a lot more interesting than Tori Spelling's new show. Buying a B&B? Come on.


Every body needs to mind there own business. If bobby wants to build a relationship with karrine so be it. He is well aware of her past and i am sure she is aware of his. Let them live the life they always wanted.


I have a friend who dated Bobby back in the day. According to her Bobby is laughably SMALL, if you all know what I mean. So it would appear that Whitney won't be missing much and neither will Karrine.


What a smack in the face to Whitney. Bobby is such a complete and total loser, as is the rest of his life sucking family. I hope she doesn't have to give that Orchard Park Housing Project reject a dime of her money. Whitney shouldn't take any of this personally, it appears he's a liar and a cheat with anyone who crosses his path. And could someone please tell me what the real attraction is anyway. I would make two stops with Bobby Brown, first to a good dentist and then to a good psychiatrist (family along as well), because he needs both desperately.


Superhead knows what she's doing. Bobby Brown stands to get millions in his divorce from Whitney.


Superhead's website says she's scheduled to make a presentation at the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Dinner. Justice Marshall must be turning over in his grave! Everyone knows Superhead will do anything for attention (a good therapist may be able to help with that). But please don't stain the legacy of Justice Marshall! If you really want to help, send a check (a good check), and go away. You can't buy respectibility!

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