Bobby Brown's Prerogative: Knocking Up Karrine Steffans

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Deadbeat dad and former R&B hit-maker Bobby Brown has reportedly done it again. No, he hasn't released a hit single. What is this, 1992?

Brown, pictured here in his formative years, has allegedly impregnated girlfriend Karrine Steffans. Again. After telling her he got a vasectomy.

Terrell Owens, Bobby Brown

The bad boy moved in with the home-wrecking video vixen-turned-author after his wife, Whitney Houston, filed for divorce earlier this year.

Now the child support-dodging, woman-beating assclown is about to become a dad again. That certainly didn't take long.

According to the National Enquirer, Steffans, 28, is expecting Brown's fifth child.

A source tells the publication:

"When Karrine found out she was pregnant she was so angry because Bobby had told her he couldn't have more kids."

Well, there goes that theory. This guy is clearly setting the bar pretty high for Kevin Federline, though the aspiring rapper still has many more fertile years in him.

Lovers Steffans and Brown are reportedly making plans for a reality TV show focusing on their romance. While that show will clearly eat it, it sounds a lot more interesting than Tori Spelling's new show. Buying a B&B? Come on.

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I'm not mad at Karrin, she just took prostitution to a whole new level.


I really dont care about Karrine Steffans being pregnant by him. Becuz the broad could have used protection such as birth control. She's not stupid though becuz she knows Bobby will have money rolling in from his divorce.


1st of all, yeah, every1 might think Karrine is nasty 4 the things she's done in the past but she's still human like the rest of us. No 1 is perfect! If she wants 2 make a livin' out of having sex with celebrities, then so-be-it. Karrine has 2 go before GOD with her sins, not us. We have our own sins 2 worry about. I've done things I regret and I'm sure u have 2. I think a lot of people are jeolous of her due 2 her (this might sound crazy but) success. She's very attractive, had sex with many different celebrities, making money off of her book now and she gets 2 meet a lot of other celebrities. Some people want 2 be in her shoes right now. I don't care what people say, they would love 2 do the things she's done throughout her life (besides getting knocked up by a CRACKHEAD).


I think it is a shame. Just the moral decay of society. Back in the day, you would be ridiculed and "sent away" in shame for what these folks are doing. Now, I am not saying that the celebrities are to blame. NO! It is the US, desensitizing us to things like violence, abuse, drugs, crime and a willingness to succeed at all costs. Bottom line, we all have skeletons in our closets! Would you want EVERYONE to know your dirtiest little secrets and EVERY LITTLE STEP YOU TAKE? LOL, I could not resist! THINK ABOUT IT....


i'm shoced by what people are saying about karrine afterall she's probably not the only person that's been used by many of the big name artists in her book, i think many are mad couse she chose to survive.


You would think she realized by now that she's a sideline ho like monica say in her song. I feel sorry for whitney. She trying to get over this mess by hanging with Ray J. ( Problaby asking, " was she good like they said?)


i know one thing that she's a stupid bitch and they baby is going to be a crackhead look at all the rest of his kids.To all the rest of my ladies when you lay on your back make sure your paper is stack.


who cares. as long as everybody is happy. life goes on.


Everyone knows Superhead is a superhoe and she and Bobby belong together. Since she wanted to play house let her do it 100% She is reaping what she's sowed!!!


damn is all i can say

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