50 Cent Bashes "Oreo" Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey has morphed into a middle-aged white woman.

So claims 50 Cent, the rap star who has been shot more times than he can count. Yes, we know it's only nine. We're saying the moron can't count to nine.

Fifty Cent

Fiddy contends that Oprah caters to the needs of whites more than she does her black sisters, and accused the talk show mogul of being an Oreo â€" black outside, white inside â€" in an interview in the January issue of Elle.

The rapper, who was recently busted for driving with no car insurance, is pissed because the Queen of All Media "started out with black women's views but has been catering to middle-aged white American women for so long that she's become one herself."

Along with Ice Cube and other rappers, 50 has previously taken shots at The Big O for not having rap artists as guests on her show. Oprah has sharply criticized rappers for their "hateful" and degrading lyrics and says she won't host them on her program for that reason.

Um, 50? Most rappers are hateful. We know you and The Game made up and all, but not before countless acts (and even more threats) of violence. Idiot. Oprah, meanwhile, advocates charity and compassion for the less fortunate. We do wish 50 would appear on Oprah's show, though, yo, just so we could hear the following discussion:

OPRAH: "Tell us about your latest album."
50: "You got a problem? Pop off, n!gga. G-G-G-G-G-Unit!"

Just to add fuel to 50's fire, O just bought a new pad on one of Chicago's most exclusive blocks, where thugs of his ilk would probably be locked up if they drove through. We tried to reach 50 for comment, but he was most likely in Da Club, rollin' 20 deep and so forth.



Although your hating 50 cents comments I have to say that I completely agree with him. Oprah Winfrey DOES market herself to a white rich housewife. That is her MARKET. That is what has built her business and what will continue to do so. It's about business, and every choice Oprah makes is strictly about what is going to make her money. She is a white woman and being a WHITE man myself I want to see her show focus more on black culture, but it never will.


This guy 50 cents must make all of his ancestors proud. "I have a dream..." Prove whites were right all along and social engineering is a failure.


I agree with lola, i studied civil rights and went to alabama to learn more about it, and we all are humans. who cares if someone wants to criticize rap artists, everyone's entitled to their opionion, even Oprah.


Wow.. can't we all just get along?! lol... Black.. white.. yellow.. brown.. olive.. what does it matter? In the long run, we all have a heart that beats, don't we? Make love, not war... whoever said that was the smartest one of us all.


i would like to ask all those people plus 50 cent to look at the record of OPRAH and her contribution to the black community....she looks to uplift while '50' look to 'hold back' our people ...most of the people that matters ...lawyers,accountantants , advisors,contractors....ALL WHITE... I WILL SEND THESE COMMENTS TO EVERYONE I KNOW...WE WILL BOYCOTT 50 CENT


think she must be a muslim to to endorse one. plus she will never be seen on my TV ever again hell with her


50Cents needs a history lesson and who are the people that are his accountants, lawyers and house keepers, flies the planes he travels on and cooks his food and owns the clubs he spends his money in? Teaches his kid in school? and are his neighbors in CT? I hope he writes his own checks like Oprah does, he could learn a lesson or 50 cents worth from her.


Are you really serious "T-Roy" Ha that is so funny. This is exactly why we are being called "Nappy headed N!ggers and H03s" because of people like you!!! What does 50 cent have besides bullet holes? A college degree...ummm nothing so when he gets that then you can big up 50 other wise be an ignorant statistic!!!


whats up with 50 cent as of late? First he hates on the best rapper of all times Kanye West,now Oprah. So because Kanye and Oprah act like educated adults they are acting white. I am a white man and I can tell you not all of us are educated.50 cent is a disgrace to his race if I was a African-American i would be embarrased that he is black. http://kanyewestvs50cent.blogs...


When black people are refined and educated, we are always accused of acting white. I am African American too and I'm disgusted and embarassed by 50 Cents and almost all rappers. We're all individuals with a right to conduct our lives and businesses as we pleased. Another point: Oprah is getting older so of course her programs will target older women, regardless of race.

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