Shakira and Boyfriend Delay Marriage Plans

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Maybe The Hollywood Gossip still has a chance.

According to the former president of Argentina, his son and Shakira have talked about marriage, but aren't in any rush to walk down the aisle.

Shakira Rocks

Former President Fernando de la Rua told Dominican newspaper, Listin Diario, that the hip-shaking international superstar and his son, Antonio, have discussed raising a family, but have no immediate plans to tie the knot.

"They prefer to wait," de la Rua said. "Kids today would rather live as a couple, they don't believe that marriage is necessary to be happy."

Hey, Alison Clinton does! You can read her website and see how content she and Chris are.

The singer, who De la Rua referred to as a "lover of peace," and Antonio have been dating for five years.

He's probably seen her hips up close; meanwhile, we're stuck with these Shakira pictures.

"Shakira is a very good woman, she is very loving to her parents and with her in-laws as well," the ex-president said.

The Colombian artist is on tour with her most recent release, "Oral Fixation," and plans to play in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and her native country in coming weeks.

We love her.


Getting married is the next step after an engagement! Why get engaged if you don't want to get married? That's rediculous!


I love you, shakira


hi, shakira howr u? & i m 21 now would u marry me , i love u, u know antonio is very lucky guy , & im jealous on him


hi, shakira howr u? & i m 21 now would u marry me , i love u, u know antonio is very lucky guy , & im jealous of him


Hey. Shakira. I'm from Turkey and i love your dance and songs best.. Hope you do your best until the end...


Hi Shakira!
I am from bhutan.
I love your song so much,you are my best singer.
Hope you will do better and better till the end.


I agree with Rob, and n'tasha, Shakira is amazing.


Hey Mike maybe your mama should teach you how to spell you ignornant piece of "mierda".Colombian women are some of the most beautiful and well educated women I know. Pray for world peace.


Mike, WTF? I'm not a columbian, but i know a few and they aren't filth. stop being such a racist.


Hi shakira I love your songs you the artist out there ...


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