Random Celebrity Pairing Sighting! John Kerry, Lil Kim Unite Children

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Who is the favorite rapper of former presidential candidate, John Kerry? Is it Eminem? Maybe. But that Snoop Dogg character is often a hoot, as well.

It's hard to blame a buy for flip flopping on such a pressing issue.

Lil Kim, Cha Cha Cha

For one night, at least, Kerry only had eyes for one member of the rapping game: Lil Kim. The duo came together to celebrate the Children Uniting Nations national conference in D.C.

Seeing this twosome together is more shocking than news that Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad have been hanging out. Or that Lil Kim is actually wearing clothes.

As George Bush crushes on Matt Lauer, we're left to wonder how two men with such power can only get close to these B and C-list celebrities. What's the matter, Senator Kerry? Is Scarlett Johansson out of your league?


Just to let you know. You REALLY need to get more info on the stuff you write. Lil' Kim is not a C or B list celebrity. We all know that she's an A-list celebrity that's why everybody wants her to make cameos in their movies and also she paved the way for women rappers. Yes Salt-N-Peppa were before Kim but they won't go down in history like Kim will. Kim's done more for the women in the rap business and more for women than Salt-N-Peppa, Missy Elliott, Trina, Eve, or any other female rappers have. And no that is not a diss to any of them because I like all the female rappers in the game except for Remy Maaaaa!


I agree with Mike. Since when did Lil kim become a B or C list celebrity?


hast du überhaupt eine ahnung von was du hier labberst? "dieses Lil Kim trägt wirklich Kleidung.">>>sie zieht sich seit 2 Jahren nicht mehr so freizügig an wie früher,erst jetzt bemerkt? "B und C-Liste Berühmtheiten " meinst du damit lil kim? wenn ja dann weis ich auch nicht so genau seit wann b und c liste berühmtheiten in award shows wie z.B. Mtv Video Music Awards das erste Award bzw. die show eröffnen dürfen....
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