Rachael Ray: Cooking Topless, Planning Burger Joints

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Good news for Jennifer Love Hewitt: There will soon be a new place for you to gorge on cheeseburgers.

And - based on the picture to the right - the chef cooking up your favorite food may not be wearing a shirt. But topless or not, Rachael Ray has announced her next brand extension will involve burgers.

Chef at the White House

Ray told an audience at the American Magazine Conference in Phoenix on Sunday she will open the yet-untitled "burger joint" in New York, based on 190 burger recipes she has cooked up.

"We'll rotate them . Tuna burgers, swordfish burgers, turkey burgers," Ray said. "I like anything you can pick up with your hands - portable food."

Interesting. Nicole Richie would say the same thing, but it would be anything you can regurgitate with your stomach - vomitable food.

Ray also commented on her growing rival, Martha Stewart, saying: "Her brand is about striving for perfection. Ours is ... 'eh.'"

"I've never felt influenced by her," Ray said. "But I wish her nothing but good, warm, wonderful success."

And she almost got it out with a straight face. Still, this feud isn't very exciting. Who can produce the better cupcake? Wake us when it's over. Give us Heather Mills versus the entire British journalism world instead.


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