Picture of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern; Where is Sutton Pierce Federline?

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The pressure is really on Britney and K-Fed to produce Sutton Pierce Federline pictures now.

After all, even Anna Nicole Smith has managed to ignore her ghastly appearance long enough to produce pictures of her latest baby, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

Chilling with the Paparazzi

Howard K. Stern - Anna's quasi husband - is listed on the Bahamian birth certificate as the father.

Whether or not that's actually true, however, remains to be seen.

"Based on the timing of it, there shouldn't be a doubt (of the paternity)," Stern said, referring to the lawsuit hanging over his head.

Photographer Larry Birkhead alleges he had a relationship with Smith in California and claims to be the father of the newborn. This paternity battle promises to be almost as exciting as a day in the life of Peter Sarsgaard.

But, seriously, Brit and Kevin Federline. Where is Sutton Pierce? How can Anna Nicole have beaten you to the baby picture punch?

We hope everything is ok.


I think sweet baby Dannielynn needs to be placed with an adoptive family with lots of love to give and have the money to raise Dannie in a safe and secure home. Preferably a couple who has a daughter Dannielynns age so she gets a sister. HUGS from Sylvia Mommy to Lilike and Locke Weisz http://www.ourcutebabies.com/b...


2 words about ANNA: ATTENTION WHORE I used to be a fan, now...NO MORE! She was so damn negligent, had it all! She dug her own grave.


The only thing that matters now is the life of that little girl. God help her, take her away from that pathetic lot and as Cindy Lou said let some family who will love her for her and not her money take care of her.


Why didn't Anna Nicole redo her "Will" before she passed away. I mean she left it to Daniel but not to her daughter. I would of thought that since he passed away that she would have redone her "Will". I mean it said that "I have intentionally omitted to provide for my spouse and ther heirs including future spouses and children and other descendants now living and those hereafter born or adopted, as well as existing and future stepchildren and foster children" I mean if I was her I would have changed my "Will" so that my daughter would have been taken care of. Just like there is 4 different men saying that they are the father. The only person that knows how that father is, is Anna Nicole her self.


This is Feb. 22, 2007. Has anyone heard from paternity hearing of Dannielynn?


What I think is a real clincher is the fact that Howard, as traveling companion, lawyer, and lover was not with Anna, in her room, at the time of her death. If the reports are true, she was drunk the night before and had a very high fever just before her death. Why was Howard not with her in her time of need? Why was she not taken to the hospital at an earlier time? If he wants to be so actively involved in this case, why isn't it being brought up that he was not actively involved in her safety and well being while she was in her room ill? Where was he for Dannielynn while her mother was dying?


Anna Nicole chose a lifestyle that her Mother didn't approve of, but as the Mother of an estranged son who is also a drug abuser, I feel her pain. People condemn Virgie and act like she just popped out of the woodwork for money which is ridiculous. It was Anna's choice, not her Mother's, that they were estranged by virtue of her choice of lifestyle. The cameras prove she would do anything for attention. Unfortunately, the people (Stern, et al) that were surrounding Anna at the time of her death didn't care enough to just say "NO"! If anybody is looking for money, it is Stern and the other enablers. I pray that poor Dannielynn is somehow saved from this debacle! Stern shouldn't have been having sex with a client anyway (if he was.....)


hey Becky.. Larry was interviewed before Anna's death stating he is the father and all he wants is to know his daughter. the rest have come out since her death. Her mother and family just want the money. Howard probably killed Daniel and Anna, heck it's easy they were both known drug abusers prescription and illegal. Do you know how easy it would be for him to do that? Howard also gave an interview to ET after her death..guess he wasn't too distraught. He is thinking he's got to keep the baby to get the money!! Howard is a loser possibly a killer. I hope the police look at this angle. I hope Larry takes his daughter home. I hope Anna's mother goes home broke!


i think anna nicole smith was a really brave person who went through alot through out her life , she deserved to be happy and everybody always stereotyped her to be a money grabber i totally disagree she is a really gorges looking person with a natural beauty and anyone who slags her off is just jelous i bet no one could go through what she did.


First off this family looks misleadingly normal and happy. Everybody`s interests, whether pure or alterior are with little Dannielynn X. Hopefully she can be raised by someone totally unrelated to the whole fiasco, I think Howard Stern-be he the biological father or not is the worst possible candidate. Maybe she should be raised here in the Bahamas by Shane Gibson`s family. He already ruined his reputation and political career with those damning photos! (how could a married public figure put himself into such a compromising position? ) At least he can have some positive outcome by being named DannieLynn`s legal guardian. It would be much easier for her to grow up here than in the U.S.!

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