We were going to make a category entitled "Train Wrecks" for the site, but then it occurred to us that we already have an Anna Nicole Smith section, so there's really going to be no comparison. She gets married a lot, is involved in many, many legal disputes and has huge breasts. What more is there to say about Anna Nicole Smith, in all honesty?

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You need connections to make it in almost any vocation. Few online copy writers can earn a living unless they have a friend in the business, for example.

So it's not the fact that Brooke Hogan has so blatantly ridden her father's large biceps and coat tails to stardom that irks us; it's that she is both talentless and unattractive. Despite that double whammy, the sorry excuse for a singer is this month's FHM cover girl.

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We all love to show our friends and family the pics on our digital camera when we get together. But rarely to we catch a celebrity in this all too common act.

Here we see the lovely Vanessa Minnillo showing off some digital pictures to her dad, who looks beyond enthralled. What is she showing him? What's she have to say about it? We have some ideas:

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