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It may seem crazy to call a picture from 2003 a classic, but remember, this is Hollywood. The world can change in an instant. World-famous sex symbols marry deadbeats and start cranking out kids. Popular, well-respected actors drop off the face of the earth... or go insane... or drive drunk and condemn Jews.

In some cases, actresses we love simply stop eating. It's sad, but just a fact of life. But we still cling to the good days. They are gone but not forgotten. Where does the time go? Ah, the memories. How we miss thee.

Red Carpet Bosworth

Behold, the lovely Kate Bosworth, circa 2003:

Thin, sure. But not gaunt. While she's always been slim, you weren't always able to see her bones, Nicole Richie style, if you know what we're saying. We're saying Kate could go trick-or-treating as herself nowadays and scare the crap out of people.

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That's right, just four months after her birth and one month after her Asian much-anticipated debut in Vanity Fair, rumors are bubbling that little Suri Cruise may have some company in her insane household before long.

On Saturday, paparazzi were on hand to capture Tom Cruise's standard Suri-free outing to cheer on his adopted children with Nicole Kidman -- Connor, 11, and Isabella, 13 -- at their respective football and soccer games.

Doting Dad

His baby's mama, Katie Holmes, accompanied him, and the photographers instantly noticed what appeared to be a slight swelling beneath the super-slim actress' sweat-inducing ensemble of a black mock turtleneck, black bodysuit, second-skin black jeans and green blazer.

In Hollywood, and in Gossip circles, this teeny bulge was enough to spark talk that Scientology may soon add another devotee to its ranks.

Could Katie be incubating a second "glorious," "gorgeous" and completely "normal" mop-topped Tom spawn, or is her apparent puffiness simply the result of too much layering (to ward off the blustery 75-degree chill), or perhaps a remaining pound or two of baby weight, or even an extra-large latte downed moments before the photo op?

Who the hell knows.

As for the long-heralded Cruise-Holmes nuptials, which Us Weekly recently posited were just "days away," but that crappy magazine can't seem to get the on details straight. In Touch says Katie will pledge to love Tom in sickness and in health, in Xenu and E-meters, until death -- career or otherwise -- do they part while wearing a Giorgio Armani creation.

"She wanted something completely original. It will be classic -- long, flowing and fabulous. She's going to look like something out of a fairy tale," the mag claims.

The official word from the TomKat camp has long been that the vow-swap will happen by "early fall," which means right about now-ish.

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We enjoy picking the minds of our readers. For example, how much would you pay to go on a date with Petra Nemcova, Jessica Biel or Eva Longoria?

As you ponder that question, weigh this one, as well: Which of the following items are funnier?

A Shooting Star
  • Star Jones planning her own talk show; or Al Reynolds planning an autobiography?

It's a tough one, we know. The married couple has moved out of New York City and is currently residing in Miami as each tries to get his/her life in order.

As the deposed co-host on The View, Jones seems to think people care one iota about anything she has to say. Or maybe she just assumes that her skin color and body type will lead to Oprah-like success.

Meanwhile, Reynolds is reportedly trying to come up with material for an autobiography. It's gonna be a challenge. Peter Sarsgaard has led a more interesting life.

According to the New York Post, Star and Al are annoying. No, that's not right. They're actually just trying to "escape the pressure of New York."

And who can blame them? It's stressful being an ignored couple in a big city.

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Kate Moss and Pete Doherty, a.k.a. PeteMoss, are indeed planning to marry and start a family soon, according to the manager of a Dublin, Ireland, venue he performed at last week.

The pair has confirmed their relationship is back on track by making a number of public appearances together, including a duet onstage with Doherty's band Babyshambles at the Irish capital's Music Factory.

Kate Moss Baby Bump?

Manager Eamonn Tucker chatted with the couple and discovered their plans:

"They're very much in love and are planning to either get married here, or at least have their honeymoon in Ireland. They feel very at home here. She's (Moss) just a very sweet girl who's very much in love with Pete. He makes her laugh and they're looking forward to having children soon."

This is good news. Pete needs to make an honest woman out of Kate. While it's a hell of a good time, there comes a point when you simply grow too old for dry humping and regular drug arrests.

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Sorry, but The Gossip tells it like it is. We'll be the first to say when a Jessica Alba picture is scorching hot.

We'll also line up to tell a different Jessica that she has some serious work to do.

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Belly Pic

Perhaps Jessica Simpson has a valid excuse for looking homely these days. After all, Bam Margera just went public with the twosome's bedroom shannigans. And sister, Ashlee Simpson, is actually receiving positive reviews for her work in Chicago.

But is bitterness or jealousy a reason to look like this?

Get a grip, girl! We don't wanna compare you to any Britney Spears pictures again.

We understand life - and that hairstyle - can be difficult. But if you're not gonna get yourself together for you, do it for Nick Lachey. How can he continue to garner sympathy with cheesy songs about being dumped when his ex looks so loathsome?

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Crazy Joe Simpson was out cruising around Beverly Hills when his evening came to an abrupt halt. Courtesy of a brick staircase.

According to TMZ, the nutjob father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson was about to drive off in his Ferrari Saturday night after leaving Ken Paves' salon when he ran into the railing from a staircase.

Joe and Jessica Simpson

After the collision, he looked over his shoulder in both disbelief and embarrassment. Then, rather than stopping to look at the damage, he did what any proud and honorable man would -- he drove off fast and hoped no one saw!

All we know is that the valet attendants were probably thanking their lucky stars that they didn't do it... and that Joe's car insurance company is going to be pissed if he tries to file a claim for this $h!t.

Get ready for some seriously higher premiums, G.

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It's not enough that Maddox Jolie-Pitt plays soccer. His dad wants him to be the best.

Reportedly, the adorable tyke's pop, Brad Pitt, is hoping to land a rather experienced, handsome tutor to assist Maddox with his dribbling and shooting.

Jolie and Pitt Picture

Some guy named David Beckham.

Reports out of the UK say that Pitt has asked the soccer superstar to give his adopted son some one-on-one lessons on the pitch.

Maddox is already enrolled at Beckham's Soccer Academy in LA. Will the British star accept the American actor's request? Probably. Unless he's too busy staring at his wife's boobs.

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Kevin Federline's latest son was born just three weeks ago, but already, the aspiring rapper is back to his old bad-boy ways.

By that, we mean leaving his wife, Sean Preston, and Sutton Pierce at home in Malibu to party up a storm in his home away from home, Las Vegas.

K-Fed Lights One Up

Just six months ago, a miffed Britney Spears put a semi-permanent leash on K-Fed and the dirtbag's unquenchable love for weekends with the guys, curtailing his allowance and making him ask for permission for out-of-town trips.

But with the birth of her second child, Sutton Pierce Federline, it seems that Spears' attention is distracted.

Federline and a crew of his boys took a private jet to the Venetian hotel-casino Friday night for the weekend-long celebration of the one-year anniversary of the club Tao.

"He booked a table at Tao for both nights. He was surrounded by women, was drinking a lot and dancing on the banquette. Every time one of the girls tried to take a picture, he freaked out and wouldn't let them," a source dished.

Federline wasn't the only one having a good time in Vegas. Other celebrity antics at the Tao weekend party included:

  • Jeremy Piven, who was "hammered and all over the ladies."
  • Bobby Brown, who may have been trying to win some money in order to pay back child support, that dick.
  • Jackass star Steve-O, who got kicked out of both the club and the casino Saturday night after an incident where he almost molested some girl in a hot tub. Interestingly, last week we learned that a fellow Jackass, Bam Margera, molested Jessica Simpson... consensually.

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No real story here, but that never stops T.H. Gossip. When we find pictures of the lovely Rachel Bilson wandering around the set of her new movie, The Last Kiss, in pajamas, well, we're going to bring them to you. You're welcome.

Seriously, it doesn't get much cuter than these Rachel Bilson pictures. We would love to have her over for a slumber party sometime. You know, to stay up late and talk about feelings and stuff. As long as we don't have to watch re-runs of The OC. Not your fault, Rach. Or yours, Ben MacKenzie. The writing just went downhill. Hard.

Rachel Bilson for InStyle

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Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria reportedly dumped NBA star Tony Parker after learning he was getting close to an ex-girlfriend, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Longoria's representative did not comment on the rumored flirtatiousness, but confirmed on Friday that the couple is going through a difficult time.

According to the New York Post, the San Antonio Spurs guard was seen dirty dancing and cuddling with a blonde at the New York City club Marquee last week.

Parker was attending an after-party for the premiere of the film The Departed and started getting cozy with the woman in full view of celebs such as Leonard DiCaprio, Mick Jagger and Bono.

"Eva was devastated when she found out. The blonde was an ex-girlfriend of Tony's, and they apparently swapped numbers, but he swears nothing else happened," a source close to Longoria said. "Eva and Tony are talking right now, trying to work things out."

Now we weren't at the club or anything (sorry), but could it be that Parker was in a tough spot he couldn't get out of?

You know how it goes. He plays in the NBA. Women throw themselves at NBA players. It's gonna happen. Just saying.

T.H. Gossip won't condone the actions of Parker (after all, who lets Eva Longoria out of their sight for even a second). All we're trying to say is that it's not like he's fathered six bastard children with five different women. Or banged Karrine Steffans. Or failed to pay child support.

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