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Clips from the Screech sex tape, widely known as Saved by the Smell, and brought to us courtesy of celeb sleuths, has been burning up the Internet. We've already seen excerpts featuring star Dustin Diamond, and now, TMZ has done it again and obtained footage of the supporting cast.

David Hans Schmidt, the dirty, dirty agent who's now selling the rights to the tape, says the two women are from the Midwest and in their early 20s.

One is blond, while the other is a rather striking brunette. Wow, Screech, we never knew you had it in you back at Bayside High School.

In its exclusive preview, TMZ has altered the hoes' voices. The tape was reportedly shot in a Midwest hotel suite -- complete with hot tub and champagne -- earlier this year.

Schmidt is scheduled to appear on Howard Stern's radio show next week, and will narrate the play-by-play scenes, from the opening credits up to the infamous "Dirty Sanchez."

After the appearance with Stern, Schmidt will appear live with MSNBC's Rita Cosby and debate Diamond (a.k.a. Screech) live on her show. However, it is unclear what the former Saved by the Bell star will be debating. His technique? Do we event want to know?

Schmidt tells TMZ the tape will be available soon for $49.95 though a major distributor.

The tape is already causing a media ruckus, inspiring a parody of the video on the season premiere or SNL as well as The Tonight Show.

Speculation is swirling that the Dustin Diamond sex tape was released with full knowledge of He Who Dealt the Dirty Sanchez as a publicity stunt -- regardless of what the actor and comedian claims. Regardless, we'll keep you updated as more info is made available.

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Mr. Britney Spears himself was in Las Vegas this past weekend, as we told you yesterday, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of TAO restaurant and nightclub.

As Kevin Federline and his ultra-cool entourage were leaving the party, a photographer asked to take photos of the wannabe rapper.

Roll Up in Da Club

That's when one of K-Fed's posse walked up to the photographer, Jill Ann Spaulding and said, "Oh no you don't!" The bodyguard put his hand on the front of the camera and pushed it (and Spaulding) back. See below.

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First, Kelly Taylor. Now, Donna Martin. The women of Beverly Hills, 90210 are celebrating the release of their show on DVDs with babies galore.

Dressed as Something

Just a couple days after Jennie Garth gave birth to her third child, Tori Spelling finally confirmed rumors that she's approximately three months along.

Will the impending new Spelling close the rift between Tori and her mother, Candy? It's hard to say. It's hard to care.

According to People magazine, the actress already plays stepmom to her husband Dean McDermott's 8-year-old son (by ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace). McDermott also has a 1-year-old adopted daughter with Eustace.

A friend of the couple says: "They're so excited."

Hey, remember the Saved by the Bell episode when Jesse sang, "I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so ... scared?" We just wanted to mention that in order to bring it back to the Screech sex tape.

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It seems that psycho Tom Cruise has a new mission these days -- helping his baby's mama reclaim her former hardbodied physique.

According to sources close to the couple, Tom has become "very concerned" about the appearance of Katie Holmes these days, and has become directly involved with Katie's workout regimen as a result.

Taking the Questions

According to sources, Tom is willing to jump on couches do whatever it takes so his bride-to-be "looks the best that she can walking next to him down the aisle."

In addition to joining her strenuous workout sessions, the insane one also makes sure that Katie's strict schedule goes without interruption. That means barking orders at her through a megaphone personally booking babysitters for the kids.

One of whom is Suri Cruise, that little Asian cutie.

Oprah may not be able to pump gas, but Katie can -- and she also pumps iron. Hard. She's actually really into it, and lamented the fact that she couldn't hit the weights while pregnant with Suri.

Since the birth of her daughter, Holmes is said to be hitting the weights at least 4-5 times a week, focusing on building muscle in her shoulders and back.

Katie has recruited the help of the Buff Brides fitness program to help squeeze into her sleek, form fitting strapless wedding gown. She's also enrolled in Scientology, though, so her judgment is highly questionable. Who knows what kind of cult these Buff Brides are.

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Is Matt Lauer leaving his wife for President Bush?

No, of course not. But that doesn't mean the Lauer union is going along smoothly.

Matt Lauer Loves Meredith

As they await their third child together, Matt and his wife, Annette, are trying to keep their marriage from dissolving.

On Sept. 13, Annette filed a petition in Manhattan Supreme Court seeking a split from her husband, but, according to Rush & Molloy, the former model is withdrawing the petition, and a rep for the couple says today that they're "not getting divorced."

Don't worry about the confusion, guys. Anna Nicole Smith didn't really get married, either.

Last spring, the Lauers separated, then reconciled. It's unclear when the baby is expected, but this much is certain: Lauer really IS frickin ripped!

Check out those goods again, Annette, before packing your bags.

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Good news, Nick Carter:

You're no longer the only person to have beat up on Paris Hilton. At least according to a police report filed last night.

Pretty Paris Pic

TMZ has learned that Hilton and Shanna Moakler both filed police reports early Wednesday morning, alleging each was attacked. Paris says Moakler socked her in the jaw. Moakler claims Paris' ex shoved her down some stairs.

And The Gossip claims this news was a great way to start our morning.

Elliot Mintz, Paris' publicist, tells that his client was at Hyde nightclub Wednesday night. At approximately 1:10 a.m. she says she was approached by Shanna, who allegedly began screaming obscenities at her and then struck her with a closed fist.

Of course, being fisted isn't anything new for Hilton.

Mintz says Hilton never touched Moakler. She did, of course, touch Shanna's ex-husband, Travis Barker.

Mintz and Paris then went to the LAPD's Hollywood Division where she filed a police report, alleging battery.

But that's not all!

Continue Reading...

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Could Jessica Simpson and John Mayer be hooking up again? Could John Mayer possibly suck any more?

Perhaps, and no.

Sexual Napalm

According to TMZ, that site's venerable undercover agents were at the posh Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills Monday night, when Mayer took a seat and began hitting on one of them.

Mayer apparently invited her up to his room to "talk." She declined.

The amazing Jessica Simpson arrived at the bar a short time later and saw friend and producer Romeo Antonio, who has written several Simpson songs (and who has two first names!), sitting at a table.

Jessica approached Antonio and chatted for a bit. Antonio then left the table to use the bathroom, and while he was taking care of business, guess who walked in. Crazy Joe Simpson. Just kidding! It was Mayer... a very serious Mayer, who proceed to ask if there was anything going on between Antonio and Simpson. Antonio said there was not.

Mayer then went back to the bar, chatted up Simpson for approximately 10 minutes, and left the bar with her. They took the elevator upstairs and were not seen or heard from again.

Scandalous! Looks like our girl might still be doing the nasty with this sketchball. Somewhere, Bam Margera is kicking himself. Hard. They do that sort of thing on Jackass.

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Brody Jenner apparently has a thing for blondes. And reality TV show stars.

Specifically, hotties who match that description from Laguna Beach.

Lauren Conrad Hair Extensions

The Malibu pretty boy was spotted heading into the club Shag last night with none other than Lauren Conrad, Laguna Beach alumna and the well-known, sworn arch-nemesis of Jenner's scorching ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari.

While no romantic connection between the two has been established, hanging out with your ex's enemy in public is still a pretty bold move.

Also along for the evening was LC's The Hills co-star, Heidi Montag. We're not huge fans.
A spy on the Shag scene claims that Jenner was also spotted inside a bar "getting close to a mysterious dirty blonde, wavy-haired girl."

Damn! It's been recently reported that our man Brody is dating Nicole Richie, however, throughout the course of the two aforementioned incidents, the anorexic waif was nowhere in sight. Stay tuned as we try to uncover more about Jenner's supposed philandering.

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Pop quiz, Gossip followers:

Which is falling faster: the weight of Kate Bosworth or the ratings of CBS Evening News?

Couric Pic

While we don't have exact figures on the former (expert estimate anywhere between 17 and 48 pounds per week), we can report that Katie Couric can't be too pleased with how her program is faring.

The CBS Evening News slipped to third place last week, drawing just 7.5 million viewers. That's almost as many people as have been flashed in this Paris Hilton picture.

Such a result has landed Couric behind NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams (8.2 million) and ABC's World News With Charles Gibson (7.6 million) for the first time since Couric took the CBS anchor chair on Sept. 5.

Still, CBS pointed out that Couric's ratings are robust compared with last year, with viewership up around 22 percent.

In other words: the show doesn't suck as much as it used to. It's the opposite of Britney Spears in that regard.

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… to mock the living, ghastly daylights out of her.

That's right, you can move over, Jessica Simpson, you no longer have the privilege of representing the ugliest celebrity photo of the day.

Paris Hilton Image

That dishonor would fall to Paris Hilton and her recent evening spent exposing her rancid self dancing at TAO night club in Las Vegas.

You can see the numbers turning in this onlooker's head. How many guys will see a lot more than this pair of underwear tonight?

Gosh, she's a hottie. Travis Barker, you're so lucky. And you, Lance Armstrong. And Stavros Niarchos. And the valets for the evening. As well as the coat check guys …

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