No Shocker Here: Beyonce is Most Bootylicious

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When you're responsible for the term "bootylicious" ending up in the dictionary, you obviously know a thing or two about rear ends.

That's Some Dress

Therefore, it should come as no real surprise that In Touch has named Beyonce as having the best backside in Hollywood.

The former member of Destiny's Child certainly knows how to shake her thang and make guys lose their breath. She said the top beauty tip for perfect skin is to never wash your face with soap or cleansers, only water.

Here are the poll's final rankings:

1. Beyonce Knowles
2. Jessica Simpson
3. Salma Hayek
4. Jessica Biel
5. Halle Berry
6. Tyra Banks
7. Scarlett Johansson
8. Jennifer Lopez
9. Eva Longoria
10. Jessica Alba

Of course, if Ashton Kutcher had his way, Brad Pitt would be up there, too. Maybe next year.


i dont get beyonce the, bicth still fat. she needs to lose weight. she's like 150 pounds that's fat.


saves estoy locamente enamorado de ti beyonce soy de peru eres la mujer de mis sueños me gustaria chatera contigo se q te agrada los deportes soy futbolista tengo 23 años me gustaria conocerte


Beyonces ass reminds me of a fresh spring morning...ahhh..time to get my coffee..see how relaxing that is..

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I don't wanna be a hot girl - I wanna be iconic.


There are responsibilities that come along with this life ... trying to have a romantic meal without someone sneaking in to film the whole thing.