Nicole Richie Really Does Enter Rehab This Time

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Super skinny Nicole Richie has been admitted to a medical facility to determine why she is unable to gain weight.

Note that this is a new story, not a continuation of when T.H. Gossip reported that Nicole Richie was quite possibly a crystal meth fiend.

A Mom Again

In any case, the Simple Life star's publicist issued a statement Thursday stressing that Richie -- wait for it -- does not have any eating disorders.

"She is working with a team of doctors and specialists whose focus is nutrition. It is important to Nicole that she achieve this goal in a healthy way," said Nicole Perna, whose job must be really awesome.

Richie, 25, has been dogged by speculation about her weight loss by a bevy of bastard websites and pararazzi. But she knows she's got issues.

After all, this is what she used to look like, before she morphed into some kind of alien.

In an interview with Vanity Fair in June, the daughter of singer Lionel Richie admitted she is too thin.

"I really do need to do something about it," she said. "I'm not happy with the way I look right now."

Last month, Richie denied a report by CNN claiming she was in treatment for an eating disorder. She did not comment on new boyfriend Samuel Plouchart or exes Brody Jenner and DJ AM.

"I did not check myself into an eating disorder rehab," she said. "I do not have an eating disorder, and I don't know how many times I have to say it."

On the Tyra Banks Show, Richie said she was not suffering from anorexia.

"Absolutely not," she told Tyra Banks, who is host of the Tyra Banks Show.

Mmm hmm. Sure Nicole. And T.H. Gossip is "absolutely not" in love with Shakira.

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nicole this is advice take it, u are way too skinny, but if u don't think u have an eating disorder that's fine that's your're opinion, but a lot of people are going to put u down sometimes and u are just gonna have to say screw u.


Do you know if she went back to Sierra Tucson? I know someone who's there right now....