Nick Carter: Paris Hilton is a Drug Smuggler

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Sometimes, here at The Hollywood Gossip, we need to make stories seem a bit more interesting. You know, throw in jokes or tangents every now and then to enterain our readers.

Other times, however, the blogs write themselves. This is often the case when it comes to Paris Hilton. She's just that slutty, spoiled, insane humorous.

Just Paris

The latest on everyone's least favorite hotel heiress comes from former boyfriend, Nick Carter. The Backstreet Boy She claims Paris relied heavily on drugs and alcohol to give her confidence in the bedroom and was more often than not too wasted to even perform.

Let's listen to him tell it:

I lost count of the nights I had to pick her off the floor and drag her to bed passed out.

If she was going overseas she'd cut a hole in her teddy and stuff it with cannabis. She had to have her own private stash with her at all times regardless of the consequences.

So, to review: Paris Hilton was often too drugged out to have sex and snuck drugs on board airplanes in a stuffed animal. This is coming from the same guy that says he slept with Ashlee Simpson when Paris was away. Seems like a reputable source to us.

He's also recently been involved, along with his brother, Aaron Cater, with WWE events. Yes, that's staged professional wrestlings.

Nevertheless, a random accusation from a bitter ex is all we need to believe that Paris is an impotent lover and druggie. Feels nice just saying that.

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I absolutely agree that Nick did not hit her. But I do not like Nick's attitude has always been characterized as a discrete and quiet person, not me, he himself has said many times and for that reason I have always liked ..... A change that attitude?


Genial Fui Al Concirto Mis Amor Por fin .. Despues De Tantos anos .. No Lo Puedo creer. Los Vi Pasar Muy cerca por Que


I agree she's a know nothing slut who really needs to close her legs and mouth before i personaly shut her up myself


When a woman is acting very irresponsable and constantly lying and being disloyal and too possive it sucks. Nick Carter is a really cool and fun guy, its hard to deal with people who have the attitude of Paris. I never for one second believed that Nick would ever harm her and its a shame ...A BIG shame on her for allowing people to believe that Nick created the bruises on her.
Grow Up.