More Nick Carter Sex Secrets: I Cheated on Paris Hilton with Ashlee Simpson

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We know you were yearning to hear more about the sex life of Nick Carter. Especially when it involves juicy details such as this.

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    yer yer yer


    hi to nick,enjoy a life of a new one.... set aside bad and horrible things,,, they were gone.. face a very new life. dont think any worries,just because it will never add even a little seconds or even min to your life... enjoy being what you are now... keep smile to become child face as we see you tomorrow adays... smiling keeps you have a baby face look... we missed your face before while you are young... just you were 12 up to 17. keep young loooking all the way everyday in every seconds, i want you to start right now... keep away worries. they were not for were created to have a life of full happiness and enjoyment. everything on earth is yours. so why worries because you are a heavenly being. aside from that you are free in everything. so enjoy that freedom that's a gift........?????


    nick enjoying with his family,that's the best of all before anybody else to commit with. but to do become an older brother is hard and he need to suffer and to go beyond,any circumstances that comes his way!how much more to relate with girl or woman? it's a very very great task or responsibilty to handle or to be shoulder on his way back.. anyway, i'm sure he is strong enough,and i don't know if he is well ready.... be courageous,and you have to go beyond what is really happening right now,just set aside bad ones and think that's old life,and the good news is..., you are facing now a new life that full of happiness,joy and contentment!!!!!!! just like you were twelve (12)years old before. always fresh your mind.. do not think any worries, because it cannot add a single minute to your life... God Bless You... hope you read...


    I love you NICK CARTER!! Heartsmooncrystalbeauty!!!!


    JANETH CARTER #138 beauty moon earths!!MUCH!!



    Senthers mean a messages!!!



    I would say nick has never fallen in love becos wen u do, its something u know u can't live without. Infatuation and a brief sexual attraction is all paris and nick had. once he got to know her he saw how really simple she was and still is.


    The case of Paris Hilton is clear: What happens with her is something very different but also very clearly, she is a capricious girl accustomed to obtaining what he wants, for her to obtain someone is like to obtain this trophy and when it has it it gets tired and rejects it, but in the fund, he does not love anybody and I have my doubts that he has never fallen in love with anybody, it hurts, because there is nothing nicer than to deliver your heart to anybody and that they correspond to you. In the fund she is not guilty, his parents are the first ones who have never taught him the real, alone love the interest and the superficial thing.


    Nicko is the most beautiful and the best man in the world.But I wonder how he be Paris's boyfriend.She is ugly but she acts so as if there's no one beautiful like her.
    If she saw me she would change her mind.Nick if you met me you would fall in love with me.


    nick carter you are so cute and i love you but paris hilton is bitch and ugly


    nick carter you are so cute and i love you but paris hilton is bitch and ugly


    paris hilton sucks! Nick i suppoert you, always! bacause i love you!;)

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