Mary-Kate Olsen Somehow Has New Boyfriend

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Are Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate Olsen living parallel, annoying, sucky lives? T.H. Gossip is starting to believe that's the case.

Mary-Kate Olsen of Weeds

We've seen that Nicole has been trying to essentially copy Mary-Kate's ugly-ass style, as evidenced by this recent Nicole Richie picture. There's nothing like being both ugly and unoriginal. We've also observed the anorexic Simple Life star dating a new, previously unknown dude.

THG NOTE: He goes by Samuel Plouchart. Remember that name.

Well, Nicole is not the only one looking like $h!t and hanging out with a strange new guy. As you can see in this pic, Mary-Kate Olsen is joined at the hip with someone new: Max Snow.

He's 21 years old and is actually Uma Thurman's cousin. For a month, the bigger train wreck among the Olsen twins has been dating the England native, who lives in New York City and is pals with such rock royalty offspring as Jade Jagger and Theodora Richards. Sounds like fun.

"They are pretty serious," a pal of Snow says of the new couple, whose highbrow dates have so far included a Paris getaway, art exhibits and listening to music in his Upper West Side pad (where the former Full House star crashes when she's in town). That's Paris the city -- not Nicky Hilton's annoying sister.

"Mary-Kate loves that Max is so knowledgeable in so many different areas."

THG NOTE: He knows all about eating disorders and drugs.

These lovebirds look happy, and hopefully can keep this relationship above the fray. We're not sure what fray that might be, but man does it suck!

Somewhere, Stavros Niarchos is smiling. And saying to his pals "Yeah, I tapped that ass. And am the son of a Greek shipping tycoon. So there."

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Perfect work!


Oh my god. how dare you talk about the olsen twins in that way. MK does not look ugly it is just one of the styles that is in at the moment and i think she looks great. Both the girls are very accomplished and have worked hard from an early age and they deserve some respect, not people like you bad-mouthing them. So what if MK has found a new man, it is none of your business who she sees. Just be a bit more respectful next time please, it is her own personal business and you shouldn't be spreading your own (mean) opinions about it.


i went to school with max snow- he was a super preppy douche bag- now he's a new york rocker type douche bag.