Mary-Kate Olsen Dresses as Ghost For Halloween

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Good grief. We thought our Spooky Halloween Costume gallery was terrifying when we first compiled it... but that was before a snubbed, sickly celeb decided to show T.H. Gossip up.

Yes, it's Mary-Kate Olsen. Or a really realistic-looking ghost. We aren't really sure which, but regardless, she/it has evidently not eaten since August. Those crazy Olsen twins have enough money to buy the entire food supply of some countries, but can't bring themselves to ingest the occasional meal.

Nate Lowman Picture


Yikes. Sad, sad, sad. What would Max Snow think? If this picture is an indication of what image is cool in show biz nowadays, a whole bunch of restaurant owners in California are about to go under. There is only so much Jennifer Love Hewitt can do.

You'd think she could fit anything into her oversized bag, and you'd think that she would be unable to lift said bag, but Mary-Kate still proved us wrong -- not only carrying the bag, but managing to juggle a few choice accessories while out in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. Later on she proceeded to juggle Stavros Niarchos' b- never mind.

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hola no se debes engordate un poquito asi te ves muy fea


you guys are sick, and don't know anything about fashion or anything near, if you call her sad.


She is a icon.. Okay with her white hair i think she is a ghost to. But she is original and stylish.. It's a little bit sad to say that she is sad. Because she wants to do something different.. =)


Elleai D'Amore dresses much better


Elleai D'Amore and Mary Kate Olsen are probably the Queen's of fashion, although, I've never actually seen Elleai be considered worst dressed - mary Kate has.