Mario Lopez, Karina Smirnoff Kiss Off Dating Rumors

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Is this Dancing with the Stars or Dating with the Stars?

It's hard to say. Just about every possible rumor is swirling around Karina Smirnoff and her partner on the ABC smash hit. Here's all we do know for sure:

Brooke and Tom

She is NOT one of the women in the Dustin Diamond sex tape. We assume.

But here is Karina, seen outside the studios with possible boyfriend, Mario Lopez. She doesn't seem very shy about their cavorting, does she?

We don't know what's going on with this pair, but gossip mills are churning out statements that Lopez has another hot female caller in newly single Eva Longoria.

This comes as no surprise to A.C. Slater followers, however. Those wrestling tights, that jeri curl, that playful banter with Jesse Spano. The high schooler always knew how to work it.

He was the Nick Lachey of Bayside High.


they are together and he is so dam hot .I wish he was mine


Mario Lopez is Frickin sexxxxxxy. he should have won dancing. seriously gosh. and yes, they are dating. [= yay...although I'm disappointed he's taken haha


Mario and Karina,,,just love to see both of you together and hopefully tying the knot. best of luck to both of you and stay the best of friends, giving each other the "unconditional love" theory. And of course.. the Champion of the Dancing with the Stars...2006. Both of you were the best. Superb dance teacher and choreographer...Karina and excellent student to karina...Mario !!!!! God bless both of you.


aww this is the most B-E-A-utiful couple ever. They both have killer looks and were born from different countires. SEXY! They truly look like they are in love by the way they look at each other. When will they ever admit it to the public? OMG did I ever mention how hot Mario Lopex was/is , although he was hotter in his highschool years of saved by the bell, considering the fact that Im in highschool now. lol. He is soo hott!


HELLO!!!! IM CARA! I AM 11 years old!!!!
Bye bye


Mario and Karina are wonferful together. She is just what he needs. Someone strong that can help him with his ADD. and love him inspite of it. They are wonderful dancers and should of one DWTS.


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Mario and Karina Look so cute!!!!!!!!!! STAY WITH HER!!!!!!!!
you guys should of won!


I think mario and karina should of won!!!! Mario is nice looking!!!! Bye Bye!!!!


I am sooo disapponted that Mario and karina did not win dancing with the stars! I guess they dicided to vote for the underdog. Not Fair!!!! Mario is still a better dancer there for he should have won!!!! Mario is HOT!!!!


you're the sexiest man, you are good enough with karina, I wanted to vote for you, they would make such a cute couple.

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