Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff: Caught in the Act!

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The camera doesn't lie. That's how we know for sure that Paris Hilton and Travis Barker did, indeed, swap spit at least once on the dance floor.

So, what do Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff have to say about their off-the-dance-floor moves now? The pair has been claiming everything is friendly and above the belt. But these two seem like more than dancing partners in this picture, don't they?

Situation and Karina Smirnoff

We just hope Sara Evans isn't looking at this at the moment. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant doesn't need to be reminded of how exciting a new love can be right now.

Tony Parker, however, can finally relax. Even if Eva Longoria was saving Lopez's bell (if you know what we mean!) before, Mario appears to have settled on Karina in the end.

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i saw it on dancing with the stars whne mario kissed karina but it didnt show a lot cause the camera went off


omg they r cutest couple ever and he is sew sexy and she is sew pretty i think they should get married she my fav dancer ever lolz they make one hell f couple


I think Mario and Karina came in first for what they did for ballroom dancing. They got people watching and talking about the dancing.


I dont know what all of you really think about Karina..
I took lessons from her long time ago.
She is a very powerful and passionate person and possitive..
very emotional and artistic....
and She is the rule model in Ballroom dancing .
if she doesnt quit and do dancing with the star ,she prob won the World Ballroom Dancing Championship this year.... Plz dont say anything bad about her if you really dont know her!


Mario and Karina fansite! http://www.daggertrepe.proboar... sign up to get in on the new and pictures!


Mario and karina rock


Mario sooo deserved to win then that stiff Emmit!


hey,there i think mario and karina are the best and they go well together and they danced good toooooooooo. karina is cool and mario is hot.
they rock and they rule and they are cooooooool toooooooooo. i wish i could meet them someday.
from,anna kellner


I voted for Drew last season. I tought Mario and Joey were really great. I wished people would stop acting like they know these people. Mario, and Karina were wonderful and we really don't know how the other couple that won would of acted if they had been so disappointed about losing. Some people have a hard time with showing their feelings. Win or lose Mario your the best!


To jerseygirl who submitted a comment on November 27th. You have NO REASON to hate Eva Longoria. You don't know her and since she's a celeb, you never will. Karina comes across very arrogant and in my opinion, she is really harsh looking.