Jennifer Love Hewitt Likes Hamburgers

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Considering the waif-like proportions of this actress, such a statement seemed like news. It also got us to thinking: If Jennifer Love Hewitt likes hamburgers, what secrets would other stars be hiding from us?

If you had asked us a week ago about the answers to these questions, we'd have scoffed at the notion of any response in the affirmative. But who knows.

Jennifer Love

Is it really any more difficult to imagine Lorenzo Borghese actually being born and raised in Hoboken, NJ than it is to think of Jennifer Love Hewitt mauling some rare meat?

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JLH made this statement probably just to say
something,lol! But it proves how "down-to-
earth" she is. JLH still sometimes likes to go
to a McDonald's! :) After all,she doesn't do things that "regular"
Hollywood people do. With no bad habits,what
else is there to talk about,once you have
mentioned her work? Old quote: "I like to do hiking,then sit down
and eat a big chili-cheeseburger!" (From site)