These Are Not Jayden James Federline Pics

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Come on now, Hollywood Grind. Who do you think you're kidding?

Some sites will do anything to attract visitors. But there's such a thing as knowing when enough is enough. Below, you will see a set of images that the aforementioned site claims are Jayden James Federline pictures (link) but in reality are just a bunch of shadows. Thanks for wasting everyone's time.

Britney Spears Concert


According to these hack journalists, "here are the first pictures of Jayden James Federline who was being carried into mom Britney Spears‘ house last night. Jayden's head is near the left shoulder."

Yeah, and Lindsay Lohan is pure as the driven snow. Seriously! Are we supposed to believe these are pictures of Jayden James Federline? No way in hell those shadows are cast by Britney Spears. Try some dude with a digital camera and way too much time on his hands.

Don't believe the hype, Britney fans. Be patient. K-Fed has a CD coming out soon, and you can bet your bottom dollar that these PR hounds will release Jayden James Federline pics right around then. No one has them yet. But when they are released, T.H. Gossip will be the first to have them. You know where to find us.


britney has so hot and sexy, i realy like her picture


Everyday life humans whom have children go clubbing, shave their heads, get tattoos, but no one ever notices it, because they're not famous.
She shaved her head? What biggie. I bet if you saw some random lady walking down the street with a bald head you wouldn't be screaming and taking never ending photos, would you now?
Matter of fact, if you saw a lady walking down the street, bald headed, 45687 tattoos, lugging two children, you wouldn't even take a second glance. Seriously, you people get really pathetic at times.


I think everyone needs to leave britney alone. She is a person too and she is also human and we all make mistakes. So get off her back!!!!!!!!!


You know what it may or may not be Jayden. But while I'm in here I will say this, Britney,Kevin,Sean,andJayden are a family, may not be a happy family but at least Brit has a family. Look yesterday I watched a video of Britney and she said all though she may be famouse she is till human and deserves to be treated with respect,All them famouse people out there are humans too. Britney has a right to party and shave her head, and get tattoos. She may not be at home with Sean and Jayden, but hey at least the woman cares about her lil' 2 cute baby boys. So yall quit picking on them celebrities who are having a bad time or a good time, because they are thier own person.They are human too. They need what you would call R-E-S-P-E-C-T. So treat them with it, for those of you who care and have a heart. She will make mistakes she is NOT perfect and nobody is except the lord. So leave brit alon,Hi brit.


hahaha! its the same thing u ppl doing aswell.


ma dov' è jayden??????


ha ha - i love those kind of photos - and i guess they'll cost me a fortune to buy :)


pictures of my cousins baby will be released soon. Britney & Kev aren't pulling a tom cruise & waiting 4months to release the pics of JJ, no worriess!

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