Hilary Duff: Goin' Goth?

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What is Hilary Duff thinking?

Has she been inspired by all the other newfound brunettes out there on the Hollywood scene (Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and even new mom Britney Spears come to mind), or by her punk rocker boyfriend, Joel Madden? Or is it for a new role? In any case, Duff is looking rough... although we may warm to it.

Hilary Duff finds Catnip

The formerly blonde star darkened her locks to a light auburn shade earlier this year, drawing generally positive reviews from T.H. Gossip (before we asked if we could touch it and her people served us with a court order to quit stalking her).

But last weekend, Duff turned up at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills with dark, almost-black hair. While it's a little disconcerting to see our little Barbie girl / Lizzie McGuire go goth, we think the dark color really brings out Hilary's hazel eyes and porcelain skin. But that's just us. We take celebrity fashion very, very seriously.

T.H. Gossip asks you, fans: How do you like your Duff?


i liked better the brown..the dark doesnt suits her well, but like u said, the inside is the important, and i like how she sings..die to your natural hilary


i love hil nadie te gana no hagas caso de nada ere especial y hermosa


i love hilary so much stay who you are don't chang you are beautiful pleas send me a masseg linoysadon1@walla.com
love you


eu nao sei se voces vao entender a lingua brasileira... eu sou Mariana... adoro hilary duff( i'm brasilian and like hilary duff).... adorei esse espacinho aki...... vou tentar dizer algo q sei em ingles... :
Hilary is the best.. i'm love she


I think that Hilary will always be beautiful whatever colour she dyes her hair but chocolate locks suit her best (1st picture). Hilary's my role model and i love her so much! i have her perfume and i want all her movies!


I love Hilary Duff but i like her better with her blonde hair. She has fare skin so the lighter colour looks better. I do think that she might be going a bit goth and she is getting too skinny, she needs to regain some of her weight, she looked good in raise your voice and cheaper by the dozen


i think hilary looks best in auburn cuz it kind of matches her skin colour. Black is nice 2 but it kind of makes her pale.


Hey hailey i love your fashion it is so hot hey send me a messsge will ya. my Yahoo
is kaylafrie@yahoo.com if you want i would love to add ya on my Yahoo messager got to go See ya hailey !


hola como estas ustedes son identicas pueden benir ha peru porfis eso es mi sueño y k me canten para mi santo sus canciones las dos juntas mi santo es 5 de nobienbre ...... ojala k bengan les dejo mi direccion jr ayacucho 1454 la perla alta callao


by the way the one person who said hilary duff is stupid you are. cuz she is her own person let her be who she wonts to be and you dont have to des her because she is her own person.you no what i dont realy know hilary duff but she comes off to be a nice person and you are just juging her.

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