Hilary Duff: Goin' Goth?

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What is Hilary Duff thinking?

Has she been inspired by all the other newfound brunettes out there on the Hollywood scene (Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and even new mom Britney Spears come to mind), or by her punk rocker boyfriend, Joel Madden? Or is it for a new role? In any case, Duff is looking rough... although we may warm to it.

Hilary Duff finds Catnip

The formerly blonde star darkened her locks to a light auburn shade earlier this year, drawing generally positive reviews from T.H. Gossip (before we asked if we could touch it and her people served us with a court order to quit stalking her).

But last weekend, Duff turned up at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills with dark, almost-black hair. While it's a little disconcerting to see our little Barbie girl / Lizzie McGuire go goth, we think the dark color really brings out Hilary's hazel eyes and porcelain skin. But that's just us. We take celebrity fashion very, very seriously.

T.H. Gossip asks you, fans: How do you like your Duff?


whether grey or blue hair, the fact remains that she is extremely pretty


Goths are really queer. Just an excuse for closet homosexual douchebags to wear makeup.
And yes it IS just another style, clique etc. Goths conform to the Goth style. Period
And hilary duff is NOT goth for dying her hair a darker shade. My hair's black, i must be super goth then haha


Do... ...Do any of you know what a Goth is? It takes more than a freaking hair colour to be goth.


does anybody has a msn


since we does dying ones hair a dark shade make one goth?


i think they made her dye her hair for lizzie mcguire. and the auburn hair is her natruka colour. i think it looks nice tho


Goth is a religion. It is NOT a subculture for certain individuals, and crying about those religious Goths being erroneous will not suppress them. They will maintain the belief system if they are genuine. Goth is not a fad. The vacuous "mainstream" incorporates fads into daily living, and Goth is not one of these fads. Goth is sacred to many. Goth requires considerable dedication. Stop referring to celebrities as Goth. Celebrities are NOT Goth, and merely reflect society in its own vacuity, as it is society that produces and pays heed to them. Grow up and please at least attempt to increase your IQ...


Hey hilary i love u i hope ur life is going pretty well.Many of your fans miss u as u use to be and me too.You have gotten skinny,as we all miss yr that figure as well yr rosy face u had in Lizzie Mcguire. U're still look cool I hope you wud reply. Plz accept my warm love from Narmeen Bhutto from pakistan.


by the way i have read all these comments and some of them are very disturbing as they have some very negative comments. If you don't like hilary duff then keep it to yoursdelf. no-one needs to hear it.


hilary duff is human ,we all are it doesn't matter what she does to her hair,eyes,body whatever. she doesn't care about what people say about her.its not her business! so whoever judges her on her appearance. Look at you. your not exactly perfect are you!

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