Harry Potter Can't Find a Date

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Evidently, magical powers can only take you so far. They may help Harry Potter escape trouble, but it's another story when it comes to finding a date.

"It's always a worry, yeah," Daniel Radcliffe, 17, told Newsweek in its new issue about girls who want to go out with him simply because he's famous, "but I've got pretty good instincts for people.

Poster for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

"Normally, the people who are not genuine are the ones who say, 'You know I'm not just being your friend because you're Harry Potter, right?' And it's like, 'Uh, fine, but if that's the case, why do you need to say that?' "

The young actor makes a point. It's one he can share with Zach Braff, as well.

Radcliffe, who is shooting the fifth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, will appear next summer in the London stage revival of the Tony-winning drama, Equus. He'll play a troubled young man obsessed with horses â€" and he'll have a nude scene.

Calm down, Nicky Hilton.

"Part of me wants to shake up people's perception of me, just shove me in a blender," he said. "It's a really challenging play, and if I can pull it off â€" we don't know if I can yet â€" I hope people will stop and think, 'Maybe he can do something other than Harry.' "

Radcliffe began playing Potter at age 11, but doesn't look back at his earlier films.

Ultimately, he said: "I would like to look back at them in 10 or 20 years and possibly cringe a little bit. I wasn't an actor when I was 11, really. I was just a kid having the time of his life."

Lindsay Lohan can certainly relate to that.

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