Eva Longoria Sucks One Face, Dreams of Another?

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Hey, they don't call Paris the "Romance Capital of the World" for nothing, folks. We're talking about the famous European city, of course -- not the oversexed, annoying, disease-ridden and utterly worthless Hilton sister.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, who had been going through a rough time in their otherwise storybook relationship lately, appear to have patched things up over the weekend in his native France... or have they? See below.

Tony and Wife

The two were seen sucking face at a popular French nightclub until the wee hours of the morning last week, but is Parker the man who's really on the mind of this sultry, desperate housewife? T.H. Gossip thinks she still may be pining for Mario Lopez. The guy was an amazing athlete back at Bayside High School.

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somthing about tony screams "boy"... he just doesn't seem like he's a strong decision maker and eva the "woman" is taking full advantage of his "inexperience"... LOL