Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 13

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Special thanks to one of our readers, who we shall call Kerri, for this suggestion. Our celebrity look-alikes aren't always on the mark -- sometimes, such as in the case of Tom Cruise and Kim Jong Il, they're really more for laughs than any sort of serious comparison. But we think this pair of look-alikes is particularly solid. At least as far as six-month old celebrity babies and Icelandic pop singers go.

Suri Pic

Yes, that is little Suri Cruise (left), and the amazing Bjork. Despite turning 41 later this year, we think Bjork is a dead-ringer for the spawn of TomKat.


My daughter looks so much like Matilda Ledger (Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams' daughter) that when my daughter saw a pic of Matilda in a magazine, she thought it was a picture of herself.


Hi, My daughter also is a deadringer for baby suri. Looks exactly like her. Everyone that sees her tells me. Does anyone know, where I can submit a picture of my daughter?? Thanks!


If you think this baby looks like Suri, you should see my daughter. She is 18 months old and placing a pic of her and Suri side by side you might not be able to distinguish the difference. How do I submit a picture?


hello everyone that looks at my granddaughters baby picture say that she looks just like tom cruises daughter suri. i think she does alittle bit. are there any baby contests out there for baby look alikes?

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