Brooke Hogan Appears on TRL

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Of course, with a talentless coat tail follower such a Brooke Hogan on the program, it should've been renamed TR-HELL for the day.

Oh yes. We. Went There.

If it Ain't Brooke ...

We don't hate Hogan because she can't sing (come on, that would mean we'd detest pretty much any Top 40 singer, with the exception of Kevin Federline. We could never hate him.) It's that Hogan can't sing and she's only famous because of her father.

And, seriously, who's named "Hulk" anyway?

Fortunately for host Vanessa Minnillo, she could ignore the loud screeches coming from Brooke's microphone and focus on her impending act with the Pussycat Dolls. Now there's a group that can sing!

Or at least wear less clothing than Courtney Love.


Oh common, Brooke is the most obnoxious spoiled whiny brat I have ever had the Displeasure of hearing screech into a microphone. If people MUST buy her music lets at least hope she does something usefull with the money although I doubt it, it will be fast cars and big houses while people are starving in the streets.


I Think that her cousin Kristin Hogan its More Sexy and Glam !! Brooke why u put this !!
I hope to see Kristin Hogan on TRL this Year !! Im Her Fan Nº1


you know what if you ain't got anything nice to say don't say anything at all! Brooke is doing her thing. And many peole are named HUlk, it was just a name for his wrestling career but it stuck. what is that to do with oyu anyway and who are you to point fingers at others! leave brooke alone, shes young and can do pretty much anything. and even if her dad being a celebrity has helped her, so what! i'm sure loads of girls would be living their dream if their dad was well-known and rich. so just hushhh!


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Brooke and her Cleavage
Brooke Hogan is the daughter of a very famous wrestler. She has an awful singing voice and maybe even worse taste in fashion. Brooke does... More »
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I thought we were one of the normal Hollywood families. It's crazy watching it all fall apart, but I hope for the best.

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I know if I was 48-years-old, I wouldn’t date a 19-year-old. I just don’t feel it’s her. And through all this stuff, I really need my mom, and she’s doing her own thing. I don’t talk to her anymore.

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