Benjamin McKenzie Cage Fights on The OC

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How do you mourn the death of a loved one?

Anna Nicole Smith gets married.

Mel Gibson probably gets drunk.

And Benjaim McKenzie gets even ... inside a steel cage?

If the following picture is any indication, McKenzie's Ryan reacts to the (awesome!) death of his girlfriend on The OC, Marissa, by entering into a few bare knuckled brawls.

We think it's safe to say writers are officially out of ideas for the series.

Putting aside OC bashing for now, take a look at any Russell Crowe picture. The similiarites to McKenzie are striking. Of course, that could just be due to the fact that he's fighting here.


welllllllllll!the o.c was gr8 i loved show so as all the characters. Ben is a real gr8 actor .he very well depidted the character of ryan one else can the way he did. He is smart and cute anddashing well all adjective r less 4 him.good going guy.


marissa dieing was the worst thing that could ever happen to that show!!!!


Ben you are an unbelievable actor. You are the kind of guy every girl dreams of. I just can't believe The O.C is gone. What really shocked me was the fact that they killed Marissa off. I just balled. I wish the show was still going on, I guess I'll have to settle for re-runs.
Your the best!!!


ben meckenzie you are so cute!!!!!
i watched the oc every day and it is so sad it is gone.
you and misha make the perfect couple!
ben i love you.
add me on msn.............
xxxxxxxxxxxxx tell misha im a huge fan of hers!!


Yummy, I love Ben


I wonder if the guy can really fight, you know hold his own in a real fist fight.


The OC rocks! Benjamin Mackenzie is the BEST!!!


i love ben! he's a really good actor and The O.C rocks... I LOVE YOU BEN!


hey , yeah i love you too ben , please add me on msn , you have to okai well bye


Marissa sucked. She needed to leave the show. Ryan's going to be much happier single, able to chase hot, sane tail! Go get'em Atwood!

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