Avril Lavigne: Bad Plastic Surgery Style

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Eat your heart out, Ashlee Simpson. There's a new game in town. And by game, we mean really annoying, young "musician" trying to reinvent herself. While it's almost unfathomable that another human being could suck as bad as the aforementioned waste of precious oxygen Simpson sister, Avril Lavigne is trying her damndest.

We've already observed that the Canadian "bad girl" thinks it's okay to spit at people and give them the finger. That makes her revolting and deplorable, but at least you can say there's nothing disingenous. But here's the kicker:

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne Picture

While trying to act hard, rebellious and all of that, Lavigne fails to note that she's just another vain sellout like the pop stars she claims to hate. She picks on Hilary Duff for her good-girl image and rips others' vanity and conformity.

Yet the supposedly counter-culture Lavigne has clearly gotten a pretty nice nose job herself, as this picture shows. Unfortunately for Av, that blond awful dye job didn't distract the watchful eyes of T.H. Gossip. What a hypocrite and a skank, too.

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Avril Lavigne - What a total sell out
Plastic surgery or not, this girl is a joke. SO NOT PUNK ROCK. Kurt cobain is cringing in his grave.
It's really a shame she's canadian, giving us a bad name like that.


Clearly, her nose has been fixed but it is good plastic surgery. However, if she wanted to fix something might I suggest a new hair style, and oh, new teeth!


its so silly to say the person that wrote this article is jealous. maybe when you're in 5th grade and you haven't learned to analyze then its valid to say so and so is jealous. but really, once you get older, you see how the world really is, and you also start to discover actual MUSIC. and avril lavigne IS a disgusting sell out. her first two cds could be more genuine. but all you have to do is look at the cover of her 3rd cd to realize that her top priority now is to target pre teen girls. she doesn't stand for anything. she's turned into a barbie who will become as mainstream plastic as possible if it means more money. and BTW, don't buy from her clothing line. besides that the clothing is horribly designed, they're made in a goddamn sweat shop by little kids!




only GOD knows...being a busyboy person means that u don't have dignity n respect towars urself...juz mind ur own business! speak what is JUST!!!!


avrils life she can do whatever she wants, and be this big influence on those young ones, which would probly be a big mistake. if she wanted to live like a normal living being she should have thought about that years ago about the consenqences of what she'd put into their minds. sum of her actions and speeches are great but look on the other hand and think about it. and theres called a lil forgiveness and acceptance, so try it out why dont you.
her choise, im jus speaking out thats all.


singing has to be in your heart and soul.
avril has it- had it.
i was her biggest fan for as long as i can remember and i have to say she sounds like a real bitch now. why not like natives. yea shes hot and creative but how can anyone know if she tells the truth most times. lies to keep her ripitaion, sure, but come on this is avril. gossip, gossip,
a complete sell out.period.


wth!! u all are so jealouse! she has great songs that r supposed to be about her! not u!!! she isnt singing 4 u!!!!!she sings about her life!!!! if u yall dont like it u try being a rock star and lets c if u can do any better.


Avril is beautiful in both pictures. I can't tell if she has had a nose job or not. I can tell, however, that she is very good - one hit after another.......so, whoever it is that writes this negitive stuff about Av, is a jealous loser.Avril Lavigne is the BEST!!!!


She wasn't nice before the nose job and dying blond, she isn't better now. Just an ordinary girl, no talent, no appearance - she's NOBODY at all. I still don't understand people, who like her and her 'music'. I'm collecting celeb before and after plastic surgery pics here:
.. and there are no comments on this girl's pics)