Avril Lavigne: Bad Plastic Surgery Style

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Eat your heart out, Ashlee Simpson. There's a new game in town. And by game, we mean really annoying, young "musician" trying to reinvent herself. While it's almost unfathomable that another human being could suck as bad as the aforementioned waste of precious oxygen Simpson sister, Avril Lavigne is trying her damndest.

We've already observed that the Canadian "bad girl" thinks it's okay to spit at people and give them the finger. That makes her revolting and deplorable, but at least you can say there's nothing disingenous. But here's the kicker:

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne Picture

While trying to act hard, rebellious and all of that, Lavigne fails to note that she's just another vain sellout like the pop stars she claims to hate. She picks on Hilary Duff for her good-girl image and rips others' vanity and conformity.

Yet the supposedly counter-culture Lavigne has clearly gotten a pretty nice nose job herself, as this picture shows. Unfortunately for Av, that blond awful dye job didn't distract the watchful eyes of T.H. Gossip. What a hypocrite and a skank, too.


shutup,avril is cool i know shegot a nose job i can tell ,back off shes a rock star she can do what ever shes wants


Am watching Lavigne now on The View modeling a new clothing line for "tweens". I knew she wasn't the real deal years ago when she mispronounced David Bowie's last name at an awards show. Seeing her now looking like a made up barbie doll now wonder who was behind the raw punk image that almost had me fooled a few years go.


When she started out and said all that stuff, she was a rebelling teenager. Now she's grown up and she's married, for fucksake give her a fucking break. Everyone's a hypocrite and sometime in their life it's not a bloody crime, and how the hell is she a skank? God people, get a life and stop ragging on a celebrity you don't really know anything about. And as far as the nose job goes, that sounds like bull crap (:


1.She's about the only one out there that sings live All the time.
2.She can hammer out a rock song like nobody else out there.
3.She avoids the paparazzi like the plague unlike her so-called
media dependant competition.
4.She's not afraid to experiment with musical styles.
5.She supports multiple charities.
6.She's never done a sex tape nor trolled around town flashing
crotch shots.
7.Yes,she once was a wide eyed kid who did and said some
silly things,but at 18 years old she was rocking the planet.
I guess YOU all we're such mature,model citizens at that age.
8.On Nov.17,you'll see the same tough,fearless Avril sitting on
top of the charts.AGAIN.


OMG! She is SUCH a stupid sell-out. I used to love her and think she was SOO cool but now she's just another idiot sell-out. She's totally and obviously not being her awesome REAL self. She is SO fake now. EW!


She is not a sellout she just grow up. She is still a great singer-songwriter.


So true. What a sell out.


oi como vç vai alvil lavgnr sabe eu todo dia eu navego escutando as suas musicas vç pintou o cabelo vç ficou surpelinda vç ficou dez ok gata eu gosto muito das suas musica mais eu sou a paixonada pela musica skser boui eu sei canta ela de co eu tenho cd dvd eu tenho tudo de vç eu tiamo ok


oi eu que ro sabe uma coisa pq vç pintou o cabelo?


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