Avril Lavigne: Bad Plastic Surgery Style

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Eat your heart out, Ashlee Simpson. There's a new game in town. And by game, we mean really annoying, young "musician" trying to reinvent herself. While it's almost unfathomable that another human being could suck as bad as the aforementioned waste of precious oxygen Simpson sister, Avril Lavigne is trying her damndest.

We've already observed that the Canadian "bad girl" thinks it's okay to spit at people and give them the finger. That makes her revolting and deplorable, but at least you can say there's nothing disingenous. But here's the kicker:

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne Picture

While trying to act hard, rebellious and all of that, Lavigne fails to note that she's just another vain sellout like the pop stars she claims to hate. She picks on Hilary Duff for her good-girl image and rips others' vanity and conformity.

Yet the supposedly counter-culture Lavigne has clearly gotten a pretty nice nose job herself, as this picture shows. Unfortunately for Av, that blond awful dye job didn't distract the watchful eyes of T.H. Gossip. What a hypocrite and a skank, too.


Avril bad plastic surgery she is not even a great singer either

@ Casey+oneill+

she's a great singer bitch get a life and a since of style


Dear mrs lavinge have you had any plastic surgery


Bad plastic surgery avril lavinge Terrible facelift


Avril Lavigne is the epitome of white trash, let's be honest she's a manufactured bigot with nothing important to say - not that she cares anyway. Her money is made by exploiting dumb teenage girls like my ex. Colgate and a brush b!tch.

@ Tom UK

my ass , if u don't think she's so great why the fuck u commenting on this shit just because you don't like her doesn't mean she's white trash


Come on leave the girl alone. She is amazing and why is it all of Hollywood makes the teen idols and stars into trash. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER!!!!! She is who she is and don't give her hell for that!


First off, I love how they don't even show her nose in this picture!
Secondly her nose looks exactly the same as it did in 2002. Doesn't anyone here have anything else better to do than to pick on Avril Lavigne??


I'm a huge Avril fan,and I'll admit that this is pretty hypocritical of her, but I sometimes wonder how much Hollywood has really changed her. If you notice, just about every celebrity in Hollywood has had some sort of plastic surgery done. We continue to point out the females, but what about the males? I'm really starting to wonder if these plastic surgeries are suggested or do these celebs really intend on doing this. I don't see how Avril would want to change her nose to begin with. I loved it. It was cute and I think it went well with her smile.


Umm ppl need to stop pickin on my
Fav celebrity cuz she is awesome
Hilary Duff deserved what she got
For bein too preppy an preppy ppl r


great article! very true. she is a slut wanna be bimbo that is a sellout and she did get a nose job. her extensions are fake looking as well.

@ tamika

u got nothing better to do than hate now do you .. ur a bitch ur probably some fatass who judges others because she feels that bad about herself .. u really need to get yo shit straight


Bre, if you think all of the actors/singers, and famous in general are sellouts at "some point", you're just idiot. Just 'cause the one you like is a poser and a sellout, doesn't mean all of the famous people are, so get over it.
And the rest of your comment is as vain and shallow as you probably are.


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